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The responsibility of all post-production sound-related processes is of the Sound Editors. The sound Editors are the main people whom the director contacts for everything that is concerned with the production soundtrack. 

In the modern era, a microphone is used to capture and convert sounds into a signal that can be photographed on film. The Sound Editors mostly work with a digital audio workstation also known as a DAW, it is an essential piece of equipment.

Sound Editing was developed as a need to fix the incomplete, undramatic, or even inferior technical sounds that were recorded during the early days of talkies, and as the decades went by it became one of the respected film making art of sound Editors implementing the aesthetic of sound design in a Movie.

Do you wish to be a Sound Editor?

If you want to create a career as a Sound Editor, then you must know its daily responsibilities and job profile.

This blog gives you a detailed idea of what it is like to work as a Sound Editor.

Job Description

The sound editor is a creative professional who is responsible for selecting and assembling sound recordings. These are used during the final sound mixing and mastering of a television program, motion picture, video game, or any production involving recorded or synthetic sound. 

A sound Editor creates a soundtrack for a movie, TV show, or Video game by cutting and synchronizing to the picture and the sound elements such as production wild tracks, dialogue tracks, library material, etc. 

They mix and combine either analogically or a digital form, and present it to the re-recording mixer for the final sound balance. The sound editor works closely with the sound designing artist, re-recording mixer, and also the director to establish what sound effects are required.

Jobs Duties and Responsibilities


Certification Needed

Avid Certified Expert: Pro Tool | S6

The certification is the highest level of Avid Pro Tools certification for control surface operation, validating a candidate’s skills to overall harness the functionality that the Pro Tools | S6 control surface serves. 

Avid Certified Operator: Pro Tools | Music

The Pro Tools Operator (Music) courses will assist you through the implicate and bend of music production, and display to you how Pro Tools can bring out the best in your music-from tracking and editing, through mixing them well.

Apple Certified Pro - Logic Pro X

The certification includes Apple’s professional applications and those are the industry norm for photographers, editors, sound designers, visual effects, and multimedia artists.

Graduate Certification in Audio Post-Production

Taking an audio concept and transforming it into something real and powerful is a rewarding, in-demand, and valued vocation. It’s likewise a special skill and passion that individuals will bring to Fanshawe’s Audio Post-Production program.

Certificate of Accomplishment in Audio Technician

This certificate signifies that candidates have mastered the basic skills of sound reinforcement and recording for live and recorded events. Successful completion of the certification course will give a solid basis for future study in sound design and live event boosting.

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Skills Required

There are many soft skills and personality traits required by a sound editor in this industry to become the best. Here are some of those skills

IT Skills

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Non-IT Skills

Interpersonal Skills

The Sound Editor must communicate with the Directors and the rest of the crew that is working on the project. They must create long-term schedules and motivate the team if necessary.

Understand Sound and Acoustics

The sound editor must have an excellent knowledge of acoustics and the process of sound recording and the electronics used in the process.

Creative Skills

You must have creativity and a passionate interest in film and video editing. A few editors must daily come up with interesting story musical ideas.

Good Judgment Skills

Sound Editors must decide if certain sounds are ethical or if there is enough creativity to make video or files amazing.


One of a sound editor’s major tasks is to make sure that sounds are error-free and matches the style of a story/video.

Work Environment

A Sound editor works in a sound editing studio, working on a film’s soundtracks. They have a tight pack schedule which can last from a few weeks to several months. However, they get a break after the project is completed. Most of the Sound Editors are freelancers hence they need to find a new project to work on after they rest and take a break.

Shift work may be needed if editing studios are allocated at night. When there are deadlines to meet, you should expect to work for extra hours and overtime after your shift.

Salary Package

The average salary for a Sound Editor Job in India is about 400,000 INR per year. Some sounder editors do freelancing work or some work on wages. So the salary range for every sound editor is different. It also make difference depending on the working experience in the industry. 


The work of the sound editor is one of the highest positions, hence you have to first work as an intern or assistant to gain more knowledge and experience in the field. Eventually, a senior editor will take you under their wing and from there you can start working a major role in the Industry. 

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