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The Film and television industry are a huge industry and are rapidly growing and evolving. It takes a lot of people in creating a visual story from start to end. There are various people involved from start to finish like the storyboard artist, the art director, the director of photography, writers, editors, producers, etc. however there is no one else considered more important in the film and television business than The Director.

They don’t get as much fame as the actors and actresses as they don’t appear in front of the camera, nonetheless, the Director is one of the most important people on a film set. Most people do not realize how much work a director does behind the scenes, directors are the people incharge of determining the creative vision and making all of the film’s biggest decisions.

Are you aspiring to become a Live Action Director?

If you wish to become a live action director then you must know the director’s daily responsibilities and job profile.

This blog gives you an idea about the working life of a Director.

Job Description

The Director has complete control over a film’s artistic and dramatic aspects of the movie and visualizes the script also known as screenplay while guiding the technical crew and the actors. This is required to fulfill the vision of the movie. The Director has a key role in film making of choosing the cast members, production design and all the creative aspects.

The Film Directors are responsible for creating the overall vision of the film which is realised in production and also directing the actors cast and crew of the project. The Directors of a movie are so important that they are sometimes referred to as the captain of the ship, and the directors are viewed as the authors of a film under the european Union law

Job Duties and Responsibilities


To be a Voice Artist you need to have a portfolio, skills and prior experience in the field more importantly than having a formal education and a degree. 

However if you have college level coursework and may have some private classes in voice acting, acting or theater. 

It is a must for a voice artist nowadays to have formal training in voice lessons and acting lesions.

Certification Needed

If you are a fresher who is looking to make a career as a film director, then here are some of the best online certifications that you will definitely need to look out for to take your knowledge and expertise to a higher level.

Now, let’s view some of those certifications which you can opt for:

1.Ron Howard Teaches Directing

This 32 lesson Masterclass by Ron Howard teaches you how to work with the various elements and roles of making a film. You will learn regarding evaluating a script, working with cinematographers, production design, research, casting, developing the film, and working with actors.

2. David Lynch Teaches Creativity and Film)

This online Masterclass of 13 lessons taught by David Lynch will help you learn about producing ideas; creativity, and the writing process; cinematography, production design; casting and working with actors; and more.

3. Spike Lee Teaches Independent Filmmaking

This Masterclass created by Spike Lee takes you through techniques and writing advice when it comes to writing scripts; storytelling with various camera techniques; collaboration, and improvisation with actors; music; editing, and much more.

4.Jodie Foster Teaches Filmmaking

This Masterclass course constructed by Jodie Foster (Director, actor, and producer) is ideal for anyone into both acting and directing. It helps you not only explore concepts such as prepping and scheduling, focus on the acting process but also helps you in exploring big ideas, creating a vision, shooting, casting, editing, music, and more.

5.Martin Scorsese Teaching Filmmaking

This course designed by director Martin Scorsese places a specific emphasis on the personal aspect of filmmaking, with chapters involving Discovering Your Process, Developing Your Style and Channelling Your Influences. It also covers casting, directing, cinematography, editing color, how to work with a crew, and much more.

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Certificates Required to become a Film Director

Skills Required


A voice Actor must be professional and should show up at studios on time or beforehand and warm up for the task. The schedules may change on short notices, so the studios may call the artists on urgent notices and if the artist turns out to be more accommodating and flexible then they may get more gigs

Technological Expertise

To create a good Movie, the film director must use all the latest filmmaking equipment. They need to keep themselves updated on every new filmmaking tech.

Creative Skills

Directing a movie is all about creativity. The director needs to have a vision of the film and keep it till the end of the movie.

Leadership Skills

The director has to handle the entire cast and crew of the film. They are the captions of the ship.

Communication Skills

The Director is one of the most important people in the industry and they have to be very clear in their instruction as possible, hence communication is necessary.

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Work Environment

Film Directors work in a highly pressurised environment as they are the ones taking most of the decisions around.  The production period of the movie is the most time consuming part and in some cases it could take upto a year. Their work schedule can also vary  due to a lot of reasons.

Salary Package

The average salary for The Director in India is About 3,00,000 INR per month.


The Job of a Film Director is very expressive and creative. But it is also one of the most stressful and responsible careers which is compensated by the huge amount of pay it offers. If you are artistic, creative and expressive it is a good career choice, no doubt only if you can handle the stress and pressure.

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