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The Indian Film industry is one of the largest film industries in the world and we all know its relations with music and songs. Hence The music industry is very closely related to the Bollywood industry. There are many people involved in the process of composing and selecting the right music tracks for a movie or TV series. The Indian music industry is largely dominated by Bollywood music songs that account for more than 80% of India’s music revenue.

It takes a lot of time to create music and many people are involved in the process. One of the most important people involved is The Music Director. The Music Director for the music department is as important as the Director of the movie.

Are you interested in becoming a music director?

If yes, then you should know the daily responsibilities and profile of the job.

This Blog Gives you a detail idea about the Music Industry and the Music Director’s Occupation

Job Description

The Music Directors work to select the appropriate songs and music to heighten the emotional and dramatic impact in the Movies and Television programmes. The Music Director needs to find the best artists or Music groups to perform particular pieces of the soundtrack for which they may also hold Music auditions. After they find the perfect artist they usually conduct rehearsals and prepare for the audio recording. The Music directors in the Film industry are professionals and They are tasked with ensuring that all music recorded are perfect, that is they are played at the appropriate volume, tempo, etc to get the desired effect for the musical piece. Their job is not simple, they have to work with the vision of the Film’s director to find appropriate songs for the movie, Create the songs and then guide the artists and crew working under them. 

Roles & Responsibilities


There is no standard requirement of any kind of formal training or degree to enter this industry but to become the Best Music Director, you must at least have a background in Music composition, music scoring or Music business. 

The Music Director may also be trained in foundational music skills, use of industry editing softwares, and other related courses.


If you are a fresher who is looking to make a career as a music director, then here are some of the best online certifications that you will definitely need to look out for to take your knowledge and expertise to a higher level.

Now, let’s view some of those certifications which you can opt for:

1.Udemy Music & Audio Production in Logic Pro X

This extensive Udemy course details all functions of Logic Pro X so you can conveniently use the software to record, create, mix and edit music. The course involves 40 hours of on-demand videos, enabling you to jump in when you’ve got the time and return to the course when required.

2. Deadmau5 Teaches Electronic Music Production

This Masterclass course on electronic music production taught by Joel Zimmerman (better known as deadmau5) is very comprehensive that unpacks the fast-growing art of electronic music, covering everything from theory to performing your music as a house DJ to experimenting with synths.

3. Coursera Music Production Specialization (via Berklee College)

This specialization of Coursera through Berklee College on Music Production provides some serious material for studying and practicing. You’ll learn to edit tracks to get the sound you desire, make a vision for the project, manage a recording session efficiently, and evaluate your final product.

4. Timbaland Teaches Producing and Beatmaking

With this Masterclass, you can learn to create hits from a beatmaking legend: Timbaland. You’ll learn how to mix, loop, add vocals, layer drums, collaborate with other producers and also get few motivation and stories from the ground-breaking producer.

5. Coursera Electronic Music Production Specialization (via Berklee College)

This specialization is offered through Berklee College of Music, one of the most prestigious music schools in the world that hones your talents as an electronic producer with four courses: The Technology of Music Production, Creating Sounds for Electronic Music, Introduction to Ableton Live, and Electronic Music Performance Techniques.

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Skills Required

Along with These skills you may also need other soft skills to prevail in the industry such as.

1. Communication Skills

The Music Director needs to communicate and interact with the executives of the Music Industry, technical staff, artists etc and make sure they understand the Music Director’s Lead. Hence communication is a Must skill to have by a music director

2. Research Skills

The Music director has to Research the song’s background and its ownership rights before using it in a movie. Also sometimes it is required to find out the different genres that the movie falls into and its type of music. This can be done only by research.

3. Technical Skills

All music directors must also know the different trends and techniques used in music production.

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Work Environment

Most Music Directors are Freelancers while a minority of them work in music production Companies. They work under a lot of pressure as they are responsible for the majority of the decisions. They work with very little supervision.

Salary Package

On an average The salary for a Music director in India is about 12,00,000 per month. This may differ as different projects have different budgets.


If you are an individual who wishes to become a music director, you need to have certain, creative skills and a deep interest and knowledge in music and creation of music. It is a high paying career with a lot of pressure as well as creativity Involved.

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