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Making a Movie is not an easy task and neither is it a one-person’s job. Anyone who has even remotely worked with the film industry knows that there are a lot of roles that have to come together pre-production, during the production, and even after production, and work perfectly in order to create a successful film and one of these essential personnel in the process of filmmaking is called as The Compositor.

Do You Want to be a Compositor?

To build a career as a Compositor you need to first understand the Job profile and responsibility of the job

This blog gives you an absolutely detailed idea of what it is to become a Compositor in the TV and movie Industry.

Job Description

The Compositor is the person responsible for making sure all of the visual elements of the movie are flowing together perfectly. The role of a Compositor is very important in the filmmaking process as this role has been dominant in the production process since the dawn of filmmaking. Back then their role was to make sure the props were in the right place at the right time. In the modern era when there is such uprising in technology the role of the compositor has become more and more essential.

The Compositors are responsible for creating the final image of a Film’s frame, shot, or sequence. They work with different digital elements like animation, background plates, special effects, and graphics and bring them together to create a believable picture.

They are the ones in charge of the composition of images and shots. By the way, how the different art assets and elements are digital places, makes the complete setup look better. They enhance the lighting, create convincing shadows, and add motion blur where required.

Jobs Roles and Responsibilities



Having certificates in software can be beneficial;

After Effects – Certification in After Effects assists you with learning and understanding visual effects and motion graphics. This is an industry norm software for motion graphics and visual effects. Artists and editors across the world utilize After Effects. 

Photoshop – Adobe Photoshop certification is an industry-known credential that effectively-recognized one’s skills in Adobe Creative Cloud applications. It gives you hands-on experience plus helps you prep for Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) certification.

Nuke VFX – Nuke VFX Composing certification helps artists just like you create seamless and stunning work, and make exciting careers in today’s growing creative fields.

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Skills Required

IT Skills

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Non-IT Skills

1.Artistic Skills:

The Senior Compositor needs to have a good eye to recognize what makes the image look good in terms of lighting effects, color, composition, and perspective.

2.Attention to detail:

Attention to detail is a very important quality that a compositor needs to have, to be able to scrutinize the media and work on compositions until they appear to be cohesive and consistent.

3. Innovation and creative skills:

The crucial part of being a compositor is to be innovative and creative. You need to imagine good artwork and content.

4.Time management skills:

The work of a Compositor is very stressful due to the fact that they have to work tight deadlines. Having time management skills will help you become better at your job and complete work even under pressure.

Work Environment

The Compositor works closely with the artists that are responsible for creating all the visual elements i.e art assets of the animation. The work is mostly done during the post-production process of a film. They can work at the set or even at the studio.

Their schedule is very tight and they have to work tight deadlines.

Salary Package

The average salary For a Compositor in India is about 400,000 INR per year. It also depends upon the company policy, location, and majorly it depends upon the experience and skills you have.


Being a Compositor is not an easy job. They are responsible for sequencing the frames and shots on which the entirety of the movie is dependent. If you want to be a compositor you need hard work and connections in the industry.

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