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Hrishi Computer Education Launching an Online Courses

Hrishi Computer Education - Online Courses


For 24 years, Hrishi Computer Education was gracefully providing various offline career/skill development courses. But due to the COVID-19 situation, all the educational institutes are facing problems in providing offline courses due to Lockdown. But Hrishi Computer is Unstoppable… By analyzing the situation, Hrishi Computer is bringing Virtual Classroom with various Online Courses so that students can learn from their home itself. The agenda behind the online courses launching is to make students quarantine more worthful. Also, Hrishi Computer wanted to give more flexibility in education learning.

Journey of Hrishi Computer till Date

Hrishi Computer Education was formed in 2003 under the visionary leadership of Mrs. Surekha Bhosale. She is an alumnus of the Indian School of Business that is one of the top MBA schools in the world. It is also an ISO 9000:2001 certified and government-recognized institute. 

Today it has grown up to its 4 branches with one of the largest Education Institute in the North Mumbai (Vasai, Virar, & Palghar) region. To date, Hrishi Computer Education has successfully trained 35000+ students from its 4 branches. Hrishi Computer Education is one of the most preferred institutes for computer courses in the North Mumbai (Vasai, Virar, Palghar) region. 

To cope up with the current situation, Hrishi Computer Institute who previously educated & certified several students through offline courses has now come up with the  – “Launch of Digital Education Program – HRISHI ONLINE BUDDHI”.

Skill Courses already launched :

Tally. ERP9

Advanced Excel

Landing page Link:

Academic Courses already launched:

12th Computer Science (CS): Science

12th Information Technology (IT) – Science

Landing page Link:


Upcoming Academic Online Courses:

12th Information Technology (IT) – Commerce

BSC IT Final Year

Upcoming Skill Courses:

  • Basic MS OFFICE
  • C and C++ Programming
  • Digital Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Social Media Management (SMM)
  • Google Adwords (PPC)
  • Graphic Designing
  • UI Designing
  • Mobile App Development
  • .Net Development
  • Python 

and many more… 

This is about giving students the power to move forward in their aspiring careers with confidence and the right vision through mastering our various online courses.   

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Limited seats are available! Grab this opportunity today and enroll for the course you want to explore and avail of the “Launch Offer of 90% FLAT OFF on Every Course till 21st April 2020 amazing offer!

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Q1: Why did Hrishi Computer Education launch online courses?

A1: Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, Hrishi Computer Education adapted by introducing virtual classrooms and online courses, offering students the opportunity to learn from home.

Q2: What is the objective behind launching online courses by Hrishi Computer Education?

A2: The objective is to make students' quarantine more productive by providing flexibility in education learning and offering various skill development courses online.

Q3: What is the background of Hrishi Computer Education?

A3: Established in 2003 by Mrs. Surekha Bhosale, an alumnus of the Indian School of Business, Hrishi Computer Education is an ISO 9000:2001 certified and government-recognized institute, known for its quality computer courses.

Q4: How many students has Hrishi Computer Education trained to date?

A4: Hrishi Computer Education has successfully trained over 35,000 students across its four branches in the North Mumbai region.

Q5: What courses are available in Hrishi Computer Education's online program?

A5: The online program offers skill courses like Tally. ERP9 and Advanced Excel, as well as academic courses such as 12th Computer Science and 12th Information Technology. Additionally, upcoming courses include Basic MS Office, Digital Marketing, Graphic Designing, and more.

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