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If you’re wondering how to become a Marketing Specialist, this is the right place for you. A Marketing Specialist is a person who keeps their eyes on marketing trends and works with companies to create advertising campaigns, and pricing strategies based on demographic data and targeting specific customer demographics. The role of a marketing specialist is fundamental to any marketing team in any Business organisation as they perform a variety of functions, including developing marketing materials for websites and other marketing platforms, and liaising with sales teams and other departments to implement various internal and external communications for the business.

Marketing is a big industry in today’s world and anyone involved in the sector surely has a good and potential career scope.

Do You Want to be a Marketing Specialist? To build a career as a Marketing Specialist you need first to understand the Job profile and responsibility of the job. This blog gives you a detailed idea of what it is like to become a Marketing Specialist in the Marketing Industry of India.

1. IT and Computer Skills

Computer skills are very necessary for today’s day and age for any job. It is especially true for a Marketing Specialist as most of the task in marketing is done digitally may that be finding out data and information, processing it, analysing it or managing the said data. Digital marketing is a big part of today’s world and one of the requirements for any marketing Specialist.

2. Excellent communication and people skills

They also need to have excellent communication and people skills in order to liaise with the clients about their requirements and inform them about marketing plans, their effectiveness and the budget for the campaign. They also need to bring in new clients if necessary and also they need to convey their plans and ideas to the Managers and CEOs or any other superior Specialist. 

3. Strong organizational and time-management abilities

Strong organizational and time-management abilities are a must as they need to be considerate of everyone’s time in the office that they are working for and manage different tasks given at the same time and finish them by the given deadline.

4. Familiarity with social media and web analytics

One of the biggest sectors in marketing is digital marketing which revolves around social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, snap chat etc. and Search Engine Optimisation to rank the website higher. To be good in both of these the Marketing Specialist needs to be familiar with social media and web analytics. These would help them be more reputed in their career.

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Job Description

The marketing specialist is responsible for developing and managing all aspects of the company’s marketing strategy. They will focus on creating, implementing, tracking and optimizing The company’s digital and traditional marketing campaigns across various marketing channels such as social media, print, telecommunication etc. A successful marketing specialist must be highly self-motivated, proactive, and have a working knowledge of current marketing tools and strategies in order to execute successful marketing campaigns.

A Marketing specialist should be a professional who is able to grasp consumer behaviour trends and with the help of that data generate creative ideas. The goal of the Marketing specialist is to deliver effective marketing programs that will help the company’s reputation and growth.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • They work to develop and implement marketing plans
  • They perform competitor research and analyses
  • They also conduct market research to establish customer trends and habits.
  • Setting goals and objectives in order to reach the customers through appropriate marketing channels such as Print, digital, TV, etc
  • The Marketing specialist work to create and sustain relationships with new and existing customers through prospecting and networking
  • Promoting brand awareness through marketing efforts is also a big part of the job
  • Creating marketing materials for the website and other marketing platforms
  • They need to support the marketing team with marketing activities by demonstrating expertise in various areas, including optimization, advertising, social media, direct marketing, and event planning
  • They need to assist with the analyses of marketing data, including campaign results, conversion rates, and online traffic in order to improve future marketing strategies and campaigns
  • They also need to do any other duties as the job requires
  • Brainstorm and develop ideas for creative marketing campaigns

The Marketing Specialist requires to have a Three year college degree with majoring in business, Marketing or finance preferred, such as a Bachelor of Commerce (B Com), Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing (BBA), Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) etc. 

If you want to have a good chance of working in a reputed organisation, A master’s degree is recommendable, such as a Master of Commerce (M. Com) or MBA in Marketing or Finance, However, it is important that the Marketing Specialist possess at least two years of experience in the Marketing industry in a starting position.

  • Develop efficient and intuitive marketing strategies:

The Marketing And Promotions Specialist needs to create marketing strategies that work and bring in new customers for the clients and organisations that they work for.

  • Organize and oversee advertising campaigns:

A big part of the job is to create ad campaigns that funnel in leads and in turn increase sales.

  • Maintain relationships with media vendors and publishers:

Good relations are everything in a business so Maintaining relationships with media vendors and publishers is very important.

 1.Customer Count:

 The more customers a business attracts through its marketing process the   better, a marketing Specialist’s work is considered

 2. Sales Revenue:

 Sales revenue is ultimately the reason for all of your marketing efforts. And   sales revenue should also be found on the Specialist dashboard and the sales   team’s dashboard. 

 3. Customer Lifetime Value:

 CLV is the measure of how much value the customer can bring to the Organisation for as long as that person, business or organisation remains a client

4. Referenceable Clients:

The Marketing Manager needs to be so good at their job that their existing clients refer the organisation to their friends and family

 5. Customer Satisfaction:

 One of the Performance Indicators is that the customers the Marketing     Specialist serves should be satisfied with the services that they get.

 6. Lead Conversion:

 How effective are your marketing and sales teams in turning leads into sales 

Work Environment

Marketing Specialists often work a traditional ‘nine-to-five’ day, though they may be needed to work on major projects or attend events outside of normal business hours on occasion.

It is a desk job where they spend most of the time behind a computer screen or Files.

Salary Package

The Average Salary for a Marketing Specialist in India can range somewhere between 3 Lakh to 8 lakh INR per annum.

The Amount may vary through different Organisations, and cities depending on workflow and workload. Marketing Specialists often work with the Sales Teams to plan and execute promotional campaigns

The Marketing manager’s Job is very much a Table Job where they have to work in front of the computer a majority of the time, analysing and sorting Data and Implementing their knowledge and expertise to come up with good and viable marketing strategies. The work is usually not very stressful and the pay is Moderately high and it goes upward with more experience. If you have a piece of good knowledge of marketing and business, a career as a Marketing Specialist can be promising for you.

Q1: What is a Marketing Specialist?

A1: A Marketing Specialist is a professional who creates and implements marketing strategies to promote a company’s products and services.

Q2: What does a Marketing Specialist do?

A2: They develop marketing materials, work with sales teams, and implement internal and external communications for the business.

Q3: Is Marketing a big industry?

A3: Yes, marketing is a big industry and offers a good and potential career scope.

Q4: What do I need to understand to become a Marketing Specialist?

A4: You need to understand the job profile and responsibilities of a Marketing Specialist.

Q5: Where can I learn more about becoming a Marketing Specialist?

A5: This blog provides a detailed idea of becoming a Marketing Specialist in the Marketing Industry of India.

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