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5 Interesting Facts About Online Learning

With online learning being mainstream and centric in people’s lives, especially the students since the covid-19 outbreak, the demand for it has skyrocketed more than ever. It is now the fastest growing, teaching, and learning strategy. As distance learning via online now becomes the new boom, do you know why it’s so popular? Well, to help you learn, this blog article will provide information on how online learning impacts students, discuss 5 intriguing facts of online learning along with 4 reasons why you must involve yourself in online education. So, without having any more delays let’s begin right with exploring!!!


Before starting with facts let’s know more about online learning.

Importance of Online Learning

Importance of Online Learning

We live in a world where change is continuous, there is a never ending requirement to learn new things. This involves new skills, knowledge, and qualifications that are related to today’s technologically driven marketplace. In a thriving digital economy, the demand is due to professionals needing and wanting to upskill and have developed a new version of students. With such demand for learning, to stay competitive, colleges, schools, and training providers are required to serve courses and curriculum that are not only flexible but can be accessed at any time and anywhere.

To be in the competition, online learning provides the tools to add value to their current skill set and expand their skyline without the restriction of time or place.

Benefits of Online Learning

Every level of the education system can be enhanced with online courses. As per your personal learning style, you may learn better through a Virtual classroom. Learning in such a way takes an act of particular courage and self-discipline so you will also grow a bit, both personally and professionally.

So let’s see some Importance of Online Learning :

 Importance of Online Learning

1.  Engage Students at a Deeper Level

Online learning can be better at engaging students, as it serves a greater degree of flexibility, and it can be less stressful to handle alongside other commitments. With the help of devices, apps, and multimedia tools it makes less pressure to engage the students. Also, it makes learning a more interactive and enjoyable prospect.

2.  Improve Digital Literacy

Learning online improves digital literacy as it serves students with insights into how to be effective online and communicate with content and peers. Students who are able to use online tools effectively have a lot to gain in the workplace. The majority of roles in a business require a few levels of digital know-how.

3.  Affordability

Online learning definitely reduced financial costs as it is far more affordable as compared to physical financial costs. Digital learning drops the cost points of student’s transportation, and most importantly real estate. It reduces paper costs by putting all the course material online.  

4.  Offer Flexibility

Such kind of learning enables individuals to offer them the opportunity to study on their own terms.  There are no expectations on attendance and you can study at night, on weekends, or however, you choose to fit in into existing life. The flexible time table includes lectures that can teach from the comfort of their own homes and work outside traditional class times.

5.  Helps to Know Students Better

With online learning, even shy students may feel at ease and open to participation in discussion and course activities. Educator can interact with a wider range of students for different views on course matters. This makes class interesting and helps you to bond with students as you get to understand them better.

6.  Enhance Career Prospects

Online learning has a positive impact on the employability of those who successfully obtain the online qualification. Having computer skills, knowing cloud-based documents will translate to many professions in the digital age. It makes students more confident and more capable of transition to different roles.

7.  Opportune with Multiple Ways to Learn

In online classes, lecturers have many choices in how to teach. They can offer innovative and interesting ways to deliver content and demonstrate points. Experimentation with numerous methods of online instruction offers the chance to try various activities.

Truth About Online Learning

Truth About Online Learning
Online degrees are not valid/ respected.Companies appreciate the flexibility that online learning offers.
Online learning is less demanding.Online classes are tailored to meet busy schedules. It increases time-management skills.
Online learning is isolating and lonely.It includes discussion boards, chats, and video conferencing to create engagement.
The instructor in online classes is inferior.Most of the faculty are industry experts. They will interact with students through online discussions, emails, chat, and lecture sessions.
5 online learning facts

1.  Helps People Learn Fast

Nowadays companies with their staff learn fast to meet the quirk of a highly dynamic business environment. Online learning is perfectly suited to meet this requirement. Studying online normally needs 40 to 60% less employee time than learning a similar subject in a traditional classroom setting. When employees get online training, they learn 5 times more without raising their time spent in training. According to students many enrolled in online learning because of the speedup courses and can view them as a faster track to getting their desired degree.

2.  Online Learning is Highly Cost-Effective

The very first reason online learning should be utilized is that it reduces training costs drastically. This includes instructor costs, travel, and food expenses overall it makes a good cost-effective strategy. As employees learn fast as compare to traditional classroom training, it serves five times the training at just one-third the cost.

3.  Online Learning adoption is growing by Leaps and Bounds

Online learning enables learner’s access course materials anywhere and anytime. This innovative mobile technology playing a key role in harnessing the full learning potential of the mobile device. Students with unavailability are more likely to get into distance education.

4.  Online Learning is Environment –friendly

It is 100% correct that online environment learning is environment friendly. The corporate world is looking for means to perform its operations in an environmentally long lasting manner. The online learning format helps organizations provide training in an eco-friendly manner. When everything is on the internet it uses no-paper, needs no traveling and uses less resources, as well as saves a lot of energy. According to a study, producing and providing online learning courses consumes an average of 90% less energy and generates 85% less CO2 emissions per student than standard face-to-face courses. With the decrease in the amount of traveling as well as the pollution factor, online learning saves money and time too.

5.  Video-Based Learning is the Order of the Day

It is an important component of online learning. Videos go a long way in keeping learners engaged and help them connect immediately with the learning content. Video content is ideal for display products and transmits soft skills. As per the report from Worldwide Mobile Learning Market that 98% of companies are predicted to use video as part of their digital learning strategy by 2016.

disadvantages of online learning

1.  Incapacity to Focus On Screens

This is one of the major disadvantages of online learning as many students face the challenges of online learning as they struggle with focusing on the screen for long periods of time. Secondly, it creates a greater chance for students to be easily distracted by social media or other sites.

2.  Technology Issues

While learning online many times you face a key challenge is internet connectivity. Because without a constant internet connection for students or teachers, there can be a lack of continuity in learning. This is harmful to the education method.

3.  Sense of Loneliness

In an online class, there is a less physical interaction between students and teachers that often turns into a sense of isolation for the students. There is a big need for the school to allow other forms of communication between students, and teachers such as video conferencing, or online messages to reduce the sense of isolation.  

4.  Teacher Training

When it comes to online learning apart from traditional learning, it requires teachers to have a basic knowledge of using digital forms of learning. This is not only the case of technical knowledge but sometimes they don’t even have the necessary resources and tools to conduct online classes.

5.  Not Suitable for Every Topic

Not every topic is flexible to learn online. For example, some topics like how to fly a plane?  

Complex topics and practices that need a physical environment are best to go with traditional learning.

6.  Handle Screen Time

Most of the parents are concerned about the health issues of having their child spend too much time staring at a screen. This boost in screen time is one of the major concerns and advantages of online learning. Sometimes students also generate bad-body posture and other physical issues due to staying bend in front of the screen.  

7.  Decreases Social Interaction

The traditional classroom includes lively group discussion, where students raise their hands to ask the teacher questions that likely comes to mind. When it comes to online learning, these moments do not arise. For some students, these face-to-face interactivity are a must to bring the matter to life.

Such kind of education has grown over the most recent years and has encountered standard acknowledgement. New models of learning are continually jumping up on the lookout, furnishing understudies with different occasions to mold their schooling into something that fits them, not the other route round. The future of online training looks encouraging and opens up education to a bigger part of the populace than any time in recent memory.

While conventional schooling will never disappear, neither one of the wills separate learning. With online enrollment expanding each year, it would seem that online education is making its imprint.

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