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Graphics design


The process of generating visual material to deliver information/messages to people is known as graphic design. Photographs, colors, typography, drawings, and icons are all utilized in graphic design to generate visual content. Graphic design is a creative approach to achieving goals. 


Graphic designers ensure that a message is conveyed to the general public through brochures, logos, advertisements, motion graphics, editorials, or product packaging. Graphic designers ensure that a message is conveyed to the general public through brochures, logos, advertisements, motion graphics, editorials, or product packaging.

Graphic designing requirements

1. Educational Requirements

To pursue a profession in graphic design, a candidate must meet certain requirements. These educational requirements must be met by applicants

2. Soft Skills

Aside from these basic qualifications, the applicant must also possess specific unique abilities. Let’s look at some of these abilities in more detail.

A good graphic designer knows how to manage their time while working on many projects at the same time. A creative thinker completes each work with such ease that this talent contributes to an individual's and company's capacity to meet goals.

A skilled graphic designer will value a logical and collaborative approach. It will not only improve problem-solving skills but will also contribute to a more structured work culture in any company.

When an individual can organize and convey vital facts, communication across individuals and departments becomes much easier. As a result, make efficient connections to eliminate communication gaps.

Graphic designers must be able to think creatively. They must use words and pictures to express ideas uniquely. They must use their creativity to come up with solutions for their clients.

When faced with challenges during the development of a new project, some newbie graphic designers tend to break apart. It's critical to improve your problem-solving abilities.

frequently interact with business owners. When interacting with an entrepreneur, your major aim is to understand how to appeal to their sensibilities. You must broaden your business knowledge to effectively connect with existing and future clients.

Technical skills for Graphic designers

A candidate should have certain technical abilities in addition to soft skills. Some of the skills that you can learn are as follows:

Graphic designers need to learn coding and programming. With coding skills, you can stand out from others designers easily. Make sure you know how to code in HTML, Visual Basic, Java, and other design languages. In the long term, coding abilities mixed with visual talents will also help.

A good graphic designer should have a good understanding of typography. There are a lot of resources on the internet that may help you improve your typographic expertise. A graphic designer's skill set is defined by the foundations of typography and bringing printed words to life.

All digital designers, as well as all designers in general, should have a strong grasp and talents in both disciplines. A graphic designer's skill set must include user interface and user experience (UI and UX).

Photoshop will be used by you as a designer to edit and change visuals for usage in your projects. It also is utilized for a variety of other tasks that a designer could meet, like overlaying text onto an image and merging photos and graphics.

You'll need a solid grasp of standard design tools to excel in the profession of graphic design. Photoshop, Adobe, Mockplus, and several other applications will be required.

Graphic design Eligibility

Stream Graduation courses Diploma/Certificate courses Post-Graduation courses
The candidate should clear class 12th from a recognized educational board. The candidate should pursue a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized college. If you don’t want to pursue a bachelor’s degree, you can go for diploma or certificate courses. The candidate can also pursue a master’s degree in graphic design.
You can pass 12th from any stream (Commerce, Arts, or Science) You should enroll in the course related to graphic designing (B.des, BA, B.Sc.). Diploma courses in graphic designing from a recognized institution. You should enroll in the course related to graphic designing (M.Sc., MA, MVA).
Try to gain at least a minimum percentage to get admission in colleges. Try to gain at least a minimum percentage of 50-60% to get admission in post-graduation. You can get admission easily in the diploma or certificate courses. Try to gain at least a minimum percentage to get a good placement.

Graphic designing courses

Undergraduate courses Postgraduate courses Diploma courses Certificate courses
B.Des. in Graphic Design M.Des. in Graphic Design Graduate Diploma Program in Graphic Design Certificate in Graphic Designing
B.Sc. in Graphic Design MVA Graphic Arts Graduate Diploma in Graphic & Web Designing Certificate Course in Computer Graphics
B.Des. in Animation Film Design M.A. in Graphic Design Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Communication Certificate in Basic of Graphic Designing
BVA in Graphic Design M.Des. in Communication Design Advance Diploma in Graphic Design 2D Graphic Design
BCA (Design-Animation/Graphics/UI-UX) M.Des Visual Communication Advance Diploma in 3D Animation Certificate in Graphic and Web Designing
B.A. in Graphic Design MCA in Animation/Web Advance Diploma in Animation and Multimedia Certificate course in 3D Modeling and Animation
B.Sc. in Animation and Multimedia M.Sc in Animation and Multimedia Diploma in 2D Animation Certificate Course in Advertising & Graphics

The entrance exam for graphic designing

Exam name Conducting Body Level of exam Duration Frequency
NID Entrance exam National Institute of Design National Level 3 hours Once a year
AIEED (All India Entrance Exam for Design) Arch School of design University Level 3 hours Once a year
CEED (Common Entrance Examination for Design) Indian Institute of Technology Bombay National level 3 Hours Once a year
UCEED (Undergraduate Common Entrance Examination for Design) Indian Institute of Technology Bombay National level 3 Hours Once a year
NIFT Entrance exam (National Institute of Fashion Technology Entrance Examination) National Institute of Fashion Technology National level 2 hours Once a year
Pearl Academy Entrance Exam Pearl Academy University Level 1 hour 30 minutes 5 times a year
AIFD WAT (Army Institute of Fashion and Design Written Admission Test) Army Institute of Fashion and Design University Level 3 Hours Once a year
SEED (Symbiosis Entrance Exam for Design) Symbiosis International University University Level 2 hours 30 minutes Once a year
IIAD Entrance Exam Indian Institute of Art and Design National-Level 2 hours 30 minutes Once a year

Internships for graphic designing students

Internships are typically required in almost every industry and career. Internships allow you to put your abilities to the test in a real-world setting. The individual might work for a reputable firm or under the supervision of a graphic designer. You have the option of doing paid or unpaid internships. Let’s look at some of the benefits of internships:

Top colleges for graphic designing

College Name Location
National Institue of Fashion Technology (NIFT) Various locations in India
Pearl Academy Delhi
National Institue of Design (NID) Ahemdabad
MIT Institue of Design Pune
Arch Academy of Design Jaipur
MIT ADTU- Art Design & Technology University Pune
Industrial Design Center Mumbai
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Various locations in India
LPU Jalandhar

Job prospects of graphic designing students

Job name Job description
Graphic designer The graphic designer meets with the customer, listens to their needs, and visualizes the concept. They give the customer a design that effectively expresses their message and meets the aesthetic and informational needs of the audience/consumer.
Video and Film editor They work in the film business, editing movies and films and collaborating with directors, producers, and others to ensure that the plot is followed.
Visual Designer They develop a visual idea and concentrate on the product's aesthetics, as well as the fonts, colors, and other components.
Multimedia designer After learning about a client's needs, a multimedia designer creates appealing films, pictures, and music. They operate in the fields of web design, advertising, marketing, television, and film.
Flash Designers Multimedia software is used by Flash designers to produce interactive online content, animation, and movies. They could work on larger projects like an animated film or a video game as part of a team.
Motion Graphic designer They use numerous technologies to create 2d and 3d animated motion images or text. They generate dynamic graphics and conceptualize storyboards. They work in marketing, subtitles, and advertising, among other things.
Layout designer They collaborate closely with web designers to create a visually attractive website. They are experts in the layout of a page as well as the color palette. They work hard to create a user-friendly layout that flows well.
Art Director They supervise a creative staff that creates artwork for use on television, billboards, the Internet, and publications. Art directors make sure that every member of the creative team completes their task on schedule and to the satisfaction of the customer.
Photoshop artist Photo editors edit, evaluate, design, and place pictures for publication in magazines, books, newspapers, and other publications.
Web designers A web designer creates or redesigns a website by including various features, layouts, pictures, and other elements. It necessitates an individual's technical abilities and guarantees that the website produced or updated is beneficial to the target market.

The work description of graphic designing students

Graphic designers develop visual communications to effectively communicate messages. They use pictures and text in a variety of ways, from company logos to promotional materials and beyond. This includes a variety of responsibilities and tasks.

  1. They evaluate appropriate information and materials to plan concepts.
  2. They show concepts by creating and providing examples of art arrangement, size, type size, and style for approval.
  3. They use the required tools and software to create final work.
  4. Outside agencies, art services, a site designer, marketing, printers, and colleagues must all be coordinated.
  5. They contribute to the team’s efforts by completing duties as they are assigned.
  6. They should consult clients about layout and design.
  7. They use tools like Photoshop to produce a wide range of images and layouts for product drawings, corporate logos, and websites.
  8. They also go through the final layouts and make suggestions for changes.
  9. By reaching out to the general public, they promote an organization’s agenda.
  10. They check final products for faults and make sure that the final prints meet the client’s requirements.

Top recruiters of Graphic designing

The following are some companies that hire graduates of graphic designing-

  1.  Graphic Design, Inc.
  2. Designer Graphics
  3. Cogwheel Studios
  4.  IKEA
  5. Vistaprint Inc
  6. Decathlon Group
  7. Eastern Silk Industries Ltd
  8. Moonraft Innovation Labs Pvt. Ltd
  9. Wipro technologies
  10. General Motors Design
  11. SAP Labs India Pvt. Ltd
  12. Design Factory India
  13. EY (Ernst & Young)
  14. Accenture
  15. Deloitte

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