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A Complete Guide to a Career in Game Development

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For many hopefuls, game development is one of the most popular occupations. Every year, around 10,000 people enroll in the course to pursue a career in game development in India. Developers and creators of specialized software are known as game designers. A Game Designer’s job includes visualizing, planning, and developing computer and video games. The game design includes the creation of the game’s structure, setting, and layout.

A job in game design necessitates the ability to create code in a variety of programming languages. They may also be in charge of project management and testing early versions of video games, depending on their responsibilities.

Candidates can choose from a variety of Game Design Courses. This applies to both on-campus and online courses. These courses have been created specifically for the gaming industry. A game design education will prepare you for a successful career as a game developer or game designer.

Game Development Courses Requirements-

1. Educational Requirements

To work in this field, candidates must meet specific educational qualifications. Students must meet the following basic educational criteria:

2. Soft Skills

In addition to these academic requirements, candidates need to possess specific soft skills. The following are the soft talents you’ll need to succeed in a game development career:

In game creation, the ability to operate as part of a team is crucial. When you operate as a team, your objectives become even more realistic.

It takes a lot of creativity to make a game. Game developers must come up with innovative ways to solve complex programming issues. Such as creating a game's assets and determining how the player interacts with the product.

All programming professions need a high level of problem-solving ability. Game designers must be able to think critically and break down difficulties into smaller components that can be addressed separately. You'll be asked to identify and solve problems that consumers could have while playing a game.

The image becomes clearer and attractive to the viewer with a proper presentation. Presentation abilities can assist you in effectively communicating your ideas to both your team and your audience.

Creating a game is a difficult task. A well-designed product takes a significant amount of effort and collaboration. You'll have to meet various deadlines along with the procedure. To succeed in a workplace where deadlines must be prioritized, you'll need time management skills.

To be successful as a game designer, you must be able to convey your vision and ideas to other members of the project team. A strong set of communication skills can also assist you in better understanding the requirements of others.

Technical skills for starting a career in Game Development-

Programming languages and development ideas are among the technical abilities required of a Game Developer. These technical abilities distinguish you from the competitors. Having these abilities will provide the job seeker with a variety of fresh career opportunities. Let’s look at a few of the most popular technical abilities.

At least one game engine must be mastered by game developers. Unity is the most widely used programming tool for multiplatform and interactive games. To create, update, and manage a game, game developers must understand how to use a game engine.

At least one programming language is required of game developers. C# is the most common language for platform games, and it's related to Java, another language you'll be needed to know. Python and Lua are two languages that game developers may need to know.

You should be able to model 2D/3D assets using programs like Unity, Maya, Blender, and RealFlow to become a Game Developer.

At least one programming specialization is required of these professions. Working on game mechanics, for example, need knowledge of animation and physics. Those working on multiplayer support, on the other hand, necessitate knowledge of web services and networking.

As a Game Developer, you should be able to create low-fidelity and high-fidelity prototypes of gameplay ideas and features. You should also be able to successfully create test cases and test strategies, and conduct a game test.

Game Development Courses Eligibility

Stream Graduation Diploma/Certificate Post-graduation
The candidate must have appeared in 10+2 from any educational board. The candidate should have a bachelors degree to pursue a career in this field. The candidate can go for a certification or diploma course if they dont wish to pursue a bachelors degree. The candidates can also pursue a masters degree if they want to. Although it is not necessary to go for this.
The students can study any stream (Arts, Commerce, and Science)in class 12. They can pursue B.Des/B.A/B.Sc. Try to maintain at least 50-60% to get admission in post-graduation. The aspirant can choose any relevant course. They can pursue M.A., M.Sc.
The candidate should try to gain at least a minimum of 50-60% marks. Then, only they will become eligible for bachelors course The candidate can take admission in a bachelors degree either through merit or passing the entrance. The candidate can directly take admission in Diploma or certificate courses. The candidate can take admission in a masters degree either through merit or passing the entrance.

Game Development Courses in India

Undergraduate courses Postgraduate Courses Diploma Courses Certificate Courses
B.Sc Game Design & Animation M.Sc (Game Technology) Diploma in Animation and Special Effect Certificate in Gaming
B.Des in Game Design M.Sc. (Game Design and Development) Diploma in Production Gaming Certificate in Game Art & Design
BA in Animation & Computer Graphics MA Multimedia (Game Design) Diploma in Game Design and Integration 3D Digital Game Art Design
B.Sc Animation & Gaming -- Diploma in Game Design Program in Game Design and Integration
BA (Hons.) in Game Arts & Design -- Diploma in Game Development Crash Course in Unity Game Development and Certification

Internships for students in Game Development-

Internships in game design are more than just a means to pick up new skills and get a taste of a potential profession. They’re also useful career tools that can help you land your first job once you finish your game design degree. The video game market is becoming increasingly competitive. As a result, working as an intern will provide you an advantage over other job hopefuls. 

A game design internship is a requirement for anybody hoping to land one of the top jobs in this highly competitive profession. Internships like this will expose you to real-world job situations. It also aids in the development of both soft and technical abilities.

The entrance exam for Game Development Courses in India:

Exam name Conducting Body Level of exam Duration Frequency
NID DAT(NID Design Aptitude Test ) National Institute of Design National Level 3 hours Once a year
UCEED (Undergraduate Common Entrance Examination for Design) Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay National Level 3 hours Once a year
LPU NEST (Lovely Professional University National Entrance and Scholarship Test) Lovely Professional University University Level 2 hours 30 minutes Once a year
AIEED (All India Entrance Exam for Design) ARCH Academy of Design National Level 3 hours 15 minutes Once a year
NIFT Entrance Exam National Institute of Fashion Technology National Level 3 hours Once a year

Top Colleges for Game Development-

College Name Location
National Institue of Design Different Locations in India
Symbiosis Institute of Design Pune
LPU Jalandhar
National Institute of Fashion Technology Different Locations in India
Indian Institute of Technology Different Locations in India
IACG Multimedia College Hyderabad
IIFA Multimedia Banglore
Indian Institute of Art and Design Delhi
Arena animation Banglore
Industrial Design Centre Mumbai

Job prospects of People in Game development field-

Job name Job description
Animator They use computer programs and images to generate visuals and animation. To produce games, animation films, and other projects, they must work as part of a team. For them to be able to create realistic animation and video games
Game Designer A game designer's work demands creating stages, characters, riddles, animation, and graphics. They should provide ideas, construct interactive narration, make prototypes, and work on the game's mechanism.
Game Programmer They utilize codes to construct software that can be read by phones, computers, and video gaming systems. They select the coding language that is most appropriate for the gaming platform.
Art director Art directors are in charge of developing and producing art concepts and ideas. They also provide their workers projects to work on. They must create such work in such a way that it meets certain criteria, such as standard, quality, and so on.
Game Audio Engineer A game audio engineer's job is to understand the game's core and mix dynamic sounds to bring the world of games to life. They are experimenting with combining ambient sounds with dynamic sound effects and gaming backdrop music.
Graphic designer Graphic designers are in charge of creating the game's logo. They must collaborate with their clients to provide advice on font style, format, print, style, and deadlines, among other things.
UI Designer They collaborate to design the game's user interface. They want to increase the game's functionality while also improving the user experience. The goal of UI design is to create interactive interfaces.
Content Designer The role of a content designer is to ensure that the gameplay being created is in line with the game's concept. They must communicate well with the rest of the team. Working with text, photos, and videos is part of the job description.

Top recruiters for Game Development-

The following are some companies that hires graduates of game development hire-

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