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Career Path as a Company Secretary: Roles and Responsibilities

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Company Secretary

Company Secretary - Eligibility | Roles and Responsibilities | Top colleges

The job of Company Secretary (CS) is really a high post in both the private or governmental sector. Company Secretaries are awarded the designation, which is a globally recognised professional credential. Government Agencies, often called Legal Officials or Chartered Secretaries, are amongst the Key Managerial Personnel (KMP) jobs. Because of the ever-increasing compliance requirements as well as the significance of financial regulation around the world, it is regarded as having been one of the fastest-growing and also most rewarding professions in the business world. Corporate secretaries are employed in nearly every industry. They provide legal advice to a company’s shareholders on all legal matters.

Amongst business undergraduates, Company Secretary is amongst the most effective organisations. This program is available to students from across all fields of study. The 15-month Company Secretary course includes a practical experience component. This is a distant learning programme that teaches academic and professional skills.

Business experts’ enthusiasm has been damaged by modern management turbulence. The majority of businesses strive to maintain stakeholder trust by demonstrating corporate openness and trustworthiness. Company secretaries are essential to a corporation’s seamless operation.

Company Secretary Course Highlights

Course Company Secretary
Full-Form Company Secretary
Type of examination Based on a programme
Eligibility Program for beginners:- Exams for grades 10+2

Program for executives:- Bachelor's degree or a foundation programme

Professional training:- Program for executives
Admissions Procedure Entrance Exam/Merit-Based Admissions
Fees for the course Rs. 3600/- for the foundation programme

Rs. 7000/- for the executive programme

Rs. 12,000 for a professional curriculum
Salary Aggregate Rs. 2,50,000 – 8,00,000

Company Secretary Skills

A Business Secretary is in charge of enforcing company rules as well as ensuring that all required returns are filed on time. He must communicate with staff and establish a basis of communication, which makes his job challenging. He must be watchful at all times in order to do his job. The qualities listed below are essential and appropriate for the position of Company Secretary.

Why Study Company Secretary?

The Company Secretary Program is a ground-breaking program with numerous benefits. After successfully finishing this program, you will be offered competitive prices. In both the corporate and government sectors, there is a huge demand for company secretaries. Because CS is a prominent subject, it provides candidates with possibilities in high-level positions.

Company Secretary (CS) Eligibility

Foundational, middle, and last are the three stages that go toward becoming a company secretary. Company Secretary Careers are open to those who have completed Class 12 in any subject and have a strong desire to succeed in the industry. The Indian Institute of Company Secretaries is a professional organisation that represents company secretaries in India (ICSI).

Eligibility Description
12 th Class After completing Class 12, students should enrol in the ICSI Certificate program. Bachelors and postgraduates (with the exception of Fine Arts students) can register at the Intermediate level right away.
After final Exam Course After completing an Extra or Advanced level course, professional preparation is necessary.
Beginning and last level Exam As students who take programs in Company Secretary, a most significant part is learning. As during Beginning level and following the last level results, students were required to take short-term training courses.

Learners that pass the ICSI Introductory courses are qualified to take the ICAI Final Exam.

After achieving Assistant Company Secretary status, a Company Secretary’s employment can start.

Company Secretary: Admission Process

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to getting into the CS programme. Students are admitted to some institutions based on their academic performance. For entrance to all the other corporate secretarial programmes, the ICSI administers admission exams. For entrance to a CS program, there are a few processes that must be fulfilled.

Company Secretary Levels

The CS Program is grouped into three stages, one of which includes a distinct syllabus and lasts for a varied amount of time.

Grade Company Secretary Course Duration
Basic course 8 months
Course for Intermediate/Executive Personnel 9 months
Professional/Final Course 15 months

Company Secretary Syllabus

For each program, the corporate secretary program is broken into modules with the following subjects:-

CS Foundation

CS Foundation is a programme for students who want to learn more about
Legal and the Economic Environment Accountancy and Auditing Principles
Economists in the Workplace Leadership, morality, and entrepreneurship are all important aspects of business.

CS Executive program

First module Second module
Legal Framework for Businesses Accounting for Business and Management
Fundamental Laws, Philosophy, and Interpreting Financial Sector and Securities Law
Incorporation and Dissolution of Corporations Management of money and strategy
Laws Concerning Income Tax Laws governing economics, commerce, and business

CS Professional program

Module I Module II Module III
Managing of Administration, Risk, Regulation and Ethics Audit of the Secretariat Corporate Financing & Stock Market Listings
In-Depth Tax Laws Reorganization in the Workplace Viewpoints that span several disciplines
Organisational Performance & Practice: An Advance Course The auditing of information technology Tax Policy & Practising: Advanced
Due Diligence, Management Processes, and Secretarial Audit Managing the Financial Treasury and Foreign Exchange Preparation of documents for court appearances and judicial proceedings
The Insolvency and Reorganization of Corporations Ethics, democracy, and sustainability are interconnected. Optional
Preparation and presentation of documents for court proceedings Business Conflict Resolution Optional

Company Secretary Training

Training Programs Time Goal
Program for New Students 7 days In order to get anything done for the tests for the both courses, this induction should be completed during 6 months of enrolling throughout the Executive programme.
Computer Training Course that Is Mandatory 70 hours To be eligible to apply for such an Executives Programme, you must complete this course.
Program for Executive Development 8 days After completing the management course and before the 15-month training, this should be completed.
Course for Professional Growth 25 hours As during the 15-month programme, it should be followed.
Professional Development or Management 15 months After completing the Executives or Professionals Course, more training is required. Training will be completed with ICSI Institute-registered businesses and under the supervision of a Company Secretary in Practical.
Work Experience 3 months It is continued only when the applicant has completed the professional programme and has already been exempt from the Company Secretaries Guidelines, 1982, which require the applicant to complete 12 months of practice.
Business Training With A Focus 15 days After finishing SIP, EDP, a technical programme, as well as a 15-month training course, it can be followed. The education might be completed at the Registrar of Companies (ROC), a commercial or financial organization, a stock market, or a business services company.
Management Process in Managerial Skills 15 days Candidates who are totally or partially exempt from instruction and also have filed the necessary paperwork to comply with the 1982 rule are eligible to apply. After only completing a technical course, an EDP, and a 15-month training course may this course be undertaken.

Top colleges for Company Secretary

The following are also some of the best Colleges for Company Secretary in India:

National Institute for Research and Development (NIRF) University Name Yearly Company Secretary Course fees
2 Hindu College, New Delhi INR 30,000
3 Presidency College, Kolkata INR 1700
6 Loyola College, Chennai INR 20,000
7 Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC), New Delhi INR 60,000
9 Hansraj College, New Delhi INR 35,000
13 Madras Christian College, Chennai INR 30,000
39 St. Joseph’s College Bangalore INR 1,50,000

Company Secretary Job Responsibilities

Throughout the sector of company secretaries, there seems to be a promising future. In the industry and government, company secretaries are also on an elevated trend. Users could work for the stock market, corporate relations, the legislation committee, or numerous government agencies. You simply need to acquire  company secretary Roles and Responsibilities whether you have improved interaction, teamwork, problem-solving, and strategic thinking.

Company Secretary Salary and Job List

Candidates who seem to be interested in the economic and accounting elements of every corporation are more likely to enrol in a company secretary training program. Each of the 3 tiers of the Company Secretary program offers a variety of options.

Company secretaries might operate as independent contractors or in commercial, municipal, or government organizations. Every firm must have a company secretary who can assist the CEO, CFO, and shareholders or executive board with legal, economic, operational, and representational matters.

Inside the professional world, the Computer Science (CS) course opens many doors. Professionals who desire to develop their skills and improve their salaries will find it handy. After finishing the program, candidates might pursue a career as a teacher. The student pays about.

Salary Based on Prior Work Experience

Experience in the Workforce Experience in the Workforce Salary Averages for the Year
Fresher Rs.3.5 LPA
Experienced Rs. 6.5 LPA

In terms of specialisation,

Specialism Salary Averages
consultant in company Rs. 9.86 LPA
Investment Manager Rs. 9.4 LPA
role of marketing manager Rs. 7.17 LPA
Office Manager Rs. 7.8 LPA
Consultant in Economics Rs. 3.6 LPA
Share Broker Rs. 3.50 LPA

Types of Job Roles Company Secretary

Examine the various roles that a Company Secretary can perform. A Company Secretary roles and responsibilities include the following:

Employment Opportunities for Company Secretary

A competent company secretary may work in government, private industry, commercial institutions, and banking. After earning a certificate of practice, company secretaries can start their own individual consulting firm. They’re also needed by business law committees, government agencies, and the Secretary of Listed Companies.

Businesses with a paid-up share capital of Rs. 10 lakhs to Rs. 2 crore must employ a company secretary to provide compliance management certification. In several academic establishments, company secretaries may work as lecturers/visiting professors. People know quite a lot about a lot of different things.

CS vs. CA: What's the Difference?

The differences here between CS and CA courses were seen in the table below.

Properties CS CA
Introduction A cost-cutting specialist (CS) is a professional who consults the boards and assists with the formulation of accounting and business plans. A company's accountancy is maintained by a CA who was accountable for minimizing the risk, damages, and managing the corporation's accountancy. They examine taxes and assist businesses on investment decisions.
Full Name Company Secretary Chartered Accountant
Stages 3 Stages 3 Stages
Fees 25,000 Rs 50,000 Rs
Salary Rs. 3 - 8 LPA Rs. 5-15 LPA

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