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Cartoonists are those who create political, social and advertising cartoons. The majority of cartoonists use their work to communicate a compelling social message. Newspapers, magazines, television, the film industry, and other print outlets employ the majority of cartoonists. Their profession involves drawing comic strips, drawings, animations, portraits, and other pictures, among other things.

Cartoonists are illustrators that specialize in creating animated creatures. They utilize old-school drawings or the most up-to-date computer software to create characters and animate their movement utilizing digital tools and software. Backgrounds are created, events are exaggerated, and color patterns are created by cartoonists. They use software to create the character’s color and the subsequent background.

There is no formal technical education required to become a cartoonist. Cartoonists are often excellent artists. They could also enroll in a few courses to improve their skills and expertise. Cartoonists are often self-employed. They work as freelancers and spend a lot of time advertising their work and establishing their profession as cartoonists. In this article, we will talk about cartoonists and their career requirements.

Cartoonist requirements

1. Educational Requirements

An applicant must satisfy specific qualifications to pursue a career as a cartoonist. Applicants must meet the following educational requirements:

2. Soft Skills

Having a formal educational qualification is not enough to become a cartoonist. One needs to be very creative and artistic to enter this profession. The following are some skills that every cartoonist must have

The first step in making a cartoon is to come up with a plan and a storyline. To visually convey the idea of the cartoon to a client or design team, the aspirant must have exceptional sketching abilities. A person must also be able to write a plot or assist a customer in writing one.

Communication skills are essential, particularly if the cartoonist collaborates with a customer or design team. They must be able to comprehend the customer's desires and, in turn, convey what is feasible within the financial constraints. They must also be able to keep both team members and customers up to date.

The cartoonist should have the quality of giving attention to details. While drawing and creating cartoons, they should focus on every single detail. This will help them to make a wonderful cartoon.

A rational and collaborative approach will be valued by a professional cartoonist. It will not only increase problem-solving abilities but will also help to create a more organized work culture in any organization.

Communication between individuals and departments becomes a lot simpler when someone can arrange and deliver essential information. As a consequence, establish effective relationships to reduce communication gaps.

Cartoonist eligibility

Stream Graduation courses Diploma/Certificate courses Post-Graduation courses
The candidate should clear class 12th from a recognized educational board. The candidate should pursue a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized college. If you don’t want to pursue a bachelor’s degree, you can go for diploma or certificate courses. The candidate can also pursue a master’s degree in animation.
You can pass 12th from any stream (Commerce, Arts, or Science) You should enroll in the course related to the cartoonist. (B.des, BA, B.Sc.). Diploma courses in cartoonist from a recognized institution. You should enroll in the course related to cartoonist (M.Sc., MA, MVA).
Try to gain at least a minimum percentage to get admission in colleges. Try to gain at least a minimum percentage of 50-60% to get admission in post-graduation. You can get admission easily in the diploma or certificate courses. Try to gain at least a minimum percentage to get a good placement.

Cartoonist courses

Undergraduate courses Postgraduate courses Diploma courses
B.Des. M.Des. Graduate Diploma Program in Cartoon Animation
B.Sc. in Animation and Multimedia MVA Diploma in Multimedia and Animation
B.A. in Animation M.A. in Animation Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Communication
B.F.A MCA in Animation/Web Advance Diploma in Animation
BCA M.Sc in Animation and Multimedia --

How to become a Cartoonist?

Students interested in becoming cartoonists should have a natural sense of creativity and presentation. To become the cartoonist, the aspirant needs to follow these below-given steps

1. School Level Preparation

Every student interested in becoming a cartoonist should make their decision during their 10+2 years. Candidates should begin working on improving their abilities. Candidates should begin their entrance exam preparation by concentrating on the several entrance exams required for the degree. Many institutes offer courses requiring a minimum of 50% aggregate in 10th or 10th grade.

2. UG Level preparation

Following the completion of 10+2, a candidate has four choices:

Undergraduate studies such as bachelor’s degrees in fine arts, design, and arts last three years.

3. PG Level preparation

Following the conclusion of a UG course, a candidate has two options:

These courses are two years in length. Jobs in newspapers, magazines, advertising, and the television and film industries are available to candidates.

The entrance exam for Cartoonist courses

Exam name Conducting Body Level of exam Duration Frequency
NID Entrance exam National Institute of Design National Level 3 hours Once a year
AIEED (All India Entrance Exam for Design) Arch School of design University Level 3 hours Once a year
CEED (Common Entrance Examination for Design) Indian Institute of Technology Bombay National level 3 Hours Once a year
UCEED (Undergraduate Common Entrance Examination for Design) Indian Institute of Technology Bombay National level 3 Hours Once a year
NIFT Entrance exam (National Institute of Fashion Technology Entrance Examination) National Institute of Fashion Technology National level 2 hours Once a year
Pearl Academy Entrance Exam Pearl Academy University Level 1 hour 30 minutes 5 times a year
AIFD WAT (Army Institute of Fashion and Design Written Admission Test) Army Institute of Fashion and Design University Level 3 Hours Once a year
SEED (Symbiosis Entrance Exam for Design) Symbiosis International University University Level 2 hours 30 minutes Once a year
IIAD Entrance Exam Indian Institute of Art and Design National-Level 2 hours 30 minutes Once a year

Internships for a cartoonist

Internships are common in nearly every business and profession. Internships provide you with the opportunity to put your skills to the test in a real-world situation. The person might work for a recognized company or be supervised by a cartoonist. You can choose between paid and unpaid internships. Consider the following advantages of internships:

Career opportunities for cartoonists

The following are some of the most common cartoonist job openings:

Top Colleges for cartoonist courses

College Name Location
National Institue of Fashion Technology (NIFT) Various locations in India
Pearl Academy Delhi
National Institue of Design (NID) Ahemdabad
MIT Institue of Design Pune
Arch Academy of Design Jaipur
MIT ADTU- Art Design & Technology University Pune
Industrial Design Center Mumbai
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Various locations in India
LPU Jalandhar

Job prospects of the cartoonist

Job name Job description
Editorial cartoonist A cartoonist who makes editorial cartoons about a political or social problem is known as an editorial cartoonist.
Comic writer It's an excellent idea to pursue a profession as a comic writer. A comic writer is someone who uses illustrations such as comics and graphics to convey a story.
Digital cartoonist This is a sort of cartoonist that solely relies on computers to do his or her work. They create two-dimensional and three-dimensional cartoons.
Animator An animator generates numerous frames to give the impression that the figure or scene in each frame is moving in a specific order. In the entertainment and visual effects industries, they are in high demand.
Illustrator An illustrator is mostly a two-dimensional artist who works in a specialized area, such as fashion, children's books, commercials, and goods.
Background Artist A background artist's primary responsibility is to create final backgrounds for scenic or animation films. Background painters and background designers are terms used to describe these individuals.

Top recruiters of the cartoonists

The following are some companies that hire cartoonists-

  1. Cartoon Network
  2. Times of India
  3. Crest Animation Studios
  4. The Indian Express
  5. Amar Chitra Katha
  6. Garbage Bin Entertainment Pvt Ltd
  7. The Green Media
  8. Pentamedia Graphics
  9. Green Gold Animation
  10. Maya Entertainment

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