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Career as Professor- How to become, job profile, courses

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How to become a Professor in India?

A professor is a scholar who teaches in colleges and universities and holds a PhD or comparable degree. Professors are experts in a wide range of academic subjects and fields, and they frequently do unique research in their specialty. Candidates must complete a PhD in a relevant topic from a recognised university in order to become a Professor. In order to become a Professor, candidates must possess certain professional qualities, such as communication skills, interpersonal skills, the ability to explain and explore new concepts, and so on.

Admission to PhD programmes is based on admission tests such as the UGC NET, CSIR, and others. Candidates must pass GD/PI rounds after passing the entrance tests in order to be considered for any PhD programme. The usual course cost is between INR 20,000 and INR 1,50,000. In India, individuals can choose from a number of PhD colleges to complete their studies.

In most nations, a professor is regarded as the highest-ranking teacher. A professor’s average compensation in India is around INR 5.11 LPA, however it can reach up to INR 35 LPA based on experience and type of institution. Furthermore, a professor’s monthly income in India ranges from INR 40,000 to INR 90,000.

Skills required in a Professor

A professor must have outstanding teaching skills, imaginative teaching skills, excellent presentation skills, and, most significantly, excellent writing skills as personal talents. A professor should be able to create clear and concise research papers.

Bachelor's degree with a high percentage A bachelor's degree with a high percentage is preferred, but a first class is required. Only a minimum of 60% will qualify you for higher education, and this score must be developed since the Bsc or BE/ BTech level.
Great academic record You must have a very good, if not excellent, academic record throughout your school years. This is the fundamental level that will enable you to begin studying at a good college and earning a decent degree. If you establish and retain the appropriate kind of studying aptitude during your school years, it will show up in your academics throughout your college and university years.
Valuable master's degree A very good master's degree is just as important as a bachelor's degree. Only students who achieve a minimum of 60% will be qualified to work as lecturers or pursue higher education, such as a PhD degree.
UGC NET The UGC NET is an important competitive exam that a professor must take in order to become one. A person who passes the UGC NET will be eligible to pursue a PhD as well as a career as a professor.
Other national qualifying exams In addition to the UGC NET, you can take the UGC SET for state level, UGC CSIR, UGC LEC, and UGC JRF. All of these national qualifications will help you get a job.
PhD degree A professor must, without a doubt, have finished a PhD degree. One can only work as a lecturer without a PhD. As previously said, high academic results throughout education, bachelors, masters, and UGC NET are required to pursue a PhD.
Proficiency in academic research A professor must actively participate in academic research. This means that in addition to instructing students, teachers should be required to conduct research.

How to Become a Professor?

If you want to be a professor, there are a few things you should think about. It begins with decision-making and concludes with a doctorate. Here are the stages a student should follow while deciding on a field:

After passing their board examinations, students must decide on their Bachelor's degree course of study.

Students interested in becoming professors have the option of selecting a specific subject of interest. Science, Arts, Commerce, Management, Technology, and other fields are also available. They can participate in internship programmes to strengthen their academic abilities and expertise while obtaining their undergraduate degree.

Candidates who have completed their undergraduate studies can pursue a master's degree in the suitable discipline in order to work as a Professor. A master's degree is required for those who want to teach as a Professor in community colleges, while a doctorate is required for those who want to train as a Professor in B-School Universities and institutions.

Students interested in becoming professors in the future might apply for an Assistantship programme. They are given the opportunity to work under the supervision of their superiors. Students will get the opportunity to observe and participate in the teaching process as well as engage on research projects.

Students should have post-doctoral experience, which tends to be beneficial in their professional path, in order to flourish as a Professor working in reputable and top-rank universities and colleges.

After earning a Master's degree, students must take entrance exams such as UGC-NET, CSIR UGC NET, GATE, and others. Candidates must be well-versed in the most recent syllabus and examples.

How to Become a Professor in India?

  • In India, becoming a professor necessitates a great deal of dedication and hard work, as well as years of expertise in the relevant field of instruction. Students who want to be professors must choose their favourite field of study during their higher education.
  • Students interested in becoming professors can pursue any stream in their chosen subject. Candidates can enrol in a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate degree, diploma, certificate, and integrated degree programmes. Candidates can also add points to their academic career by taking several entrance tests at the bachelor’s, master’s, and research levels.
  • Candidates must also have prior teaching experience as well as professional certification obtained through independent research and journal articles. Depending on the academic departments of the students, numerous types of assistantships are available.

Courses to Become a Professor

Some of the courses available to a candidate are listed below:

PhD Science

PhD Science entails research and study in any of the sciences, including physics, chemistry, biology, and others. This course is open to anyone with a master’s degree or a master’s degree in technology.

Course Level Doctorate
Duration 3-5 Years
Examination Type Semester Wise
Eligibility Master's degree in relevant discipline with 55% aggregate marks
Admission Process Entrance Based
Average Course Fee INR 50,000 - INR 1,00,000
Average Salary INR 6 LPA - INR 20 LPA
Top Recruiters KPMG, Google, Apple, IBM, CITI bank, BP, Black rock, Aecom, AMEC, Atkins

PhD in Commerce and Management

PhD Commerce and Management is a specialised degree in finance, banking, management, economics, and other related fields.

Course Level Doctorate
Duration 3 Years
Examination Type Semester Wise
Eligibility Master's degree in Commerce or equivalent with 55% aggregate marks
Admission Process Entrance based
Average Course Fee INR 30,000 - INR 3,00,000
Average Salary INR 3 LPA - INR 40 LPA
Top Recruiters Businesses, Marketing, Finance sectors, Public Sectors etc

Ph.D. in Engineering

PhD Engineering entails the study of engineering-related areas like EEE, ECE, IT, and CSE, among others. This course is suitable for candidates with an engineering background.

Course Level Doctorate
Duration 2-5 Years
Examination Type Semester Wise
Eligibility Master's degree in Engineering Subjects
Admission Process Entrance based
Average Course Fee INR 30,000 - INR 4,00,000
Average Salary INR 15 LPA
Top Recruiters DRDO, CSIR, HAL, Microsoft, Google, etc

Ph.D. in Arts

PhD Arts is a specialised research topic that focuses on the study of arts, social science, and humanities-related subjects such as English, literature, psychology, and geography, among others.

Course Level Doctorate
Duration 3 Years
Examination Type Semester Wise
Eligibility Master's degree in relevant subject
Admission Process Entrance based
Average Course Fee INR 15,000 - INR 2,00,000
Average Salary INR 4 LPA
Top Recruiters Art galleries, Colleges, Boutiques, Fashion Houses, Textile Industry

Entrance Exams for PhD Admissions

The majority of doctoral admissions are based on entrance tests. Few universities, on the other hand, admit students primarily on academic merit followed by personal interviews. Below mentioned are some exams which you can opt for:

  • GPAT
  • GATE

Stages to Become a Professor

  1. After obtaining the necessary qualifications, aspirants might begin their teaching career as a Lecturer and Demonstrator or as an Assistant Professor.
  2. After gaining minimum required experience and meeting requirements such as minimum required publications, API score, and other criteria, Assistant Professors are promoted or may apply for the position of Associate Professor at a different university.
  3. After 12/14 years of teaching/research experience and the publication of a certain number of books/research papers, an Associate Professor is promoted to Professor
  • Lecturer/Demonstrator
  • Assistant Professor
  • Associate Professor
  • Professor

How to Become Professor: Top Recruiters

Private Institutions Government Institutions
Research-based institutions Colleges and Universities
Online Coaching Portals Coaching Institutes

Professorial Salaries in India

Professionals in India can expect a solid wage package based on their location, the type of firm they work for, and their expertise. A professor’s starting pay might be as low as INR 5 LPA and as high as INR 35 LPA. Salary is usually determined by the sort of institution employing, as well as a person’s talents and experience. The following is a thorough pay breakdown based on numerous factors:

Average Annual Salary
Name of the Organisation Average Annual Salary
Private INR 3,10,700
Government INR 4,07,185
Designation Wise Salary
Work Profile Average Monthly Salary
Professor INR 44,900
Researcher INR 24,800
Assistant Professor INR 28,100
HOD INR 60,100
Associate Professor INR 43,100
Experience Wise Salary
Experience Salary
Fresher INR 5.11 LPA
Mid-Average INR 16.73 LPA
Experienced INR 35 LPA

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