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Aircraft Maintenance Engineer


Maintenance, control, and repair of specialist aircraft equipment and parts are the responsibility of aircraft maintenance engineers. Technical knowledge, competence, dexterity, and integrity are required for the repair of contemporary complex aircraft. They perform a crucial role in keeping the planes in good working order and ensuring 100 percent flight safety. Engineers work on aircraft research, design, production, and maintenance.

Aircraft maintenance engineers are in great demand due to the aviation industry’s rapid expansion. The aviation sector in India has a lot of room to develop. In India, the sector has grown by double digits over the past ten years. Because the AME license is recognized globally, students who complete the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course will have a multitude of options. 

People who are detail-oriented and have strong problem-solving and communication skills are good candidates for aircraft maintenance. In the sector, only licensed aircraft and maintenance engineers are employed. Candidates learn practical skills throughout the course, which will make it easier for them to work in the aircraft sector. As a newbie in the aviation industry, skilled individuals might earn up to Rs. 3 lakhs per year.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Requirements

1. Educational Requirements

You must meet certain educational criteria to work as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. With these credentials, you’ll be able to start a career as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. The criteria are as follows:

Obtain a three-year license in aircraft maintenance engineering. This license should be approved by DGCA. Now go to work practicing and applying for jobs.

For three years, they can pursue a B.Sc. in any field. Then they must enroll in Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Training courses. After that, they will be able to apply for jobs.

They can pursue B.Tech. in Aeronautical Engineer for 4 years. After that, they can start practicing and then apply for the job.

They can choose any of the above paths and fulfill the criteria as per the path to become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. One should get a license in all the cases to become recognized as a certified  Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.

2. Soft Skills

Aside from the formal education, a candidate should have some unique skills as well. These skills will help them to make a successful career. The following are a skillset for the people who want to become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

The majority of aviation maintenance engineers operate in extremely hazardous conditions. They deal with both mechanical and non-mechanical concerns. Sometimes they have to work in bad weather which can be stressful. They should have the capability of completing tasks even under pressure. It's critical to be a strong performer under duress and to be able to multitask while paying great attention to details and the surroundings.

Engineers who work in aircraft maintenance are born problem solvers. They should be able to manage circumstances that need some investigation effort to rule out certain options and determine the core cause of a problem. They should analyze the craft and bring the appropriate solution to rectify the problem if any.

Aircraft maintenance engineers work with a large number of individuals. In a fast-paced workplace, they interact with supervisors, maintenance personnel, and other aviation engineers. So, for things to operate securely and efficiently, you need to be a strong, detailed communicator.

Depending on the difficulties that emerge, aircraft maintenance engineers frequently work long hours. They must work together to complete several tasks. That's why they should have the capability of multitasking. To cover flight hours, most engineers work shifts that include weekends.

The aviation sector is an emerging and developing field. Several innovations and technologies have been introduced by scientists and researchers. An aircraft maintenance engineer needs to learn all these skills and technologies. Then only he can stand for a long run in his career. Good and quick learning skills are essential for engineers.

Technical skills for Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

The following are some technical skills that an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer should try to possess

Technical manuals are written documents that frequently include diagrams and pictures. To diagnose system problems and acquire airplane components, one needs to be able to research technical documentation and diagrams.

The electronic system utilized on a spacecraft, artificial satellite, or airplane is referred to as avionics. By examining and maintaining the aircraft's avionics, electrical, and environmental components, one may maximize the aircraft's serviceability and airworthiness.

A structural analysis is a method or procedure for assessing the state and situation of a structure. Engineers, architects, and other associated professionals frequently utilize it to research and analyze the behavior, dynamics, problems, and failures that arise throughout a project.

The subsystems required for an aircraft's efficient and safe functioning are referred to as aircraft systems. Flight controls, landing gear, electrical systems, hydraulics, avionics, navigation, communications, and instruments are all part of this system. Understanding how airplanes work in flight is critical for safe operation and maintenance.

Eligibility to become Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Stream Graduation Post-graduation
Candidates should clear Class 12th from a recognized board. Candidates should clear a bachelor’s degree in B.Sc. or B.tech from any esteemed university. Candidates should clear master’s degrees or training in Aircraft Maintenance Engineer from any esteemed university.
Pass with minimum 45% - 60% aggregate marks. Pass with minimum 45% - 60% aggregate marks. Pass with minimum 45% - 60% aggregate marks.
They can pursue a science stream with maths and physics. After this, they can be eligible for a bachelor’s degree. They can pursue degrees for Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. After this, they can be eligible for a master’s degree. They can pursue degrees or training in Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.

Courses to become Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

The following are some courses to become an  Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

  1. B.Tech. in Aeronautical Engineering
  2. B.Sc. in any discipline
  3.  Aircraft Maintenance Engineering License course

Entrance exam to pursue Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Exam Name Conducting Body Duration Frequency
AME CET (Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Common Entrance Test) DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation ) 1 hour 30 minutes Once a year
AIAMEE (All India Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Examination) Star Aviation Academy, Gurgaon 1 hour 30 minutes Once a year
AIAEE (All India AME Entrance Exam) IIAE (Indian Institute of Aircraft Engineering) 2 hours Once a year
JEE - AME (Joint Entrance Examination Aircraft Maintenance Engineering) National Testing Agency 2 hours Once a year
IAEEE (Indian Aerospace & Engineering Entrnace exam) Managing body of Indian Aersopace and Engineering 2 hours Once a year

Top Colleges for Aircraft Maintenance Engineer courses

College name Location
Institute of Aircraft Maintenance Engineerin Gorakhpur
Indian Institue of Aeronautics New Delhi
Star Aviation Academy Gurgaon
Western India Institute of Aeronautics Ahemdabad
Institute of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Aurangabad
Hindustan Aviation Academy Banglore
Azad Institute of Aeronautics and Engineering Lucknow
Rajiv Gandhi Aviation Academy Secundarabad

Internships for Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

At least a 2-year of internship training is necessary to become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. A candidate should get work experience from a reputed company. Internships improve your chances of landing a job with a reputable company. It’s not about the degree you’ll get here; it’s about the experience you’ll get and how you’ll put it to good use in your future job. Internships provide you a great chance to meet new people.


When you’re at an internship, you’ll notice that the environment and way in which people work differs somewhat from what you’ve seen in college. One of the most important qualities you should focus on is soft skills. You can use the internship to get experience and improve your skills. A typical field is aircraft maintenance engineering. As a result, the candidate must obtain relevant job experience.

The work description of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Conducting inspections, diagnosing issues, performing repairs, and upgrading aircraft are all part of the job description for an aircraft maintenance engineer. Aircraft maintenance professionals work long shifts on emergency repairs and must adhere to strict FAA guidelines. Aircraft Maintenance Engineers conduct the following tasks daily:

Employment sector for Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

The following are some sectors or industries where this Aircraft Maintenance engineer can get jobs

There are several large organizations in India and overseas that engage a professional AME to solve problems and evaluate all aspects of the aircraft.

These are the firms that specialize in the repair of jet engines, landing gears, and other aircraft, and they also recruit AME to keep things moving along.

A large number of pieces are required to construct an aircraft. A highly skilled AME is necessary to assist or alter those pieces for them to be constructed and analyzed.

Some of the Aircraft Operation Organizations that deal specifically with the well-being and safety of Civil Aviation include ICAO, EASA, and others. The AME's are recruited for safety reasons and as a last check.

The Defense Department has a large number of aircraft that they utilize regularly. AME also monitors and maintains military aircraft.

A flying club is a non-profit organization that provides members with low-cost access to planes. That aircraft requires maintenance, which is carried out by qualified AMEs.

Airplanes manufacturing companies produce aircraft such as Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, and others. AME is employed to repair and operate engines, electronics systems, and other equipment.

Top recruiters of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

The following are some companies that hire Aircraft Maintenance Engineer-

  1. Air India
  2. IndiGo
  3. Spice Jet
  4. Go Air
  5. Air India Limited 
  6. Air Works India
  7. Arrow Aviation Services
  8. Blue Dart Aviation Services
  9. Cochin International Aviation Services
  10. Vistara
  11. Air Asia
  12. Alliance Air
  13. Blue Dart

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