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What is LinkedIn and How to Make a LinkedIn Profile

Is LinkedIn worthwhile your job search?

 Why go bananas searching for a job online by signing up on every single job search site? Simply, create a profile on LinkedIn Profile – a professional platform to make connections, with people. It’s not a top-secret that LinkedIn is top-rated amongst all the social networking websites. You can term it ‘Facebook‘ for your professional career and networking. It bags around 550 million active users to its name.

LinkedIn elaborated- for people who feel awkward to ask what it is?

What is LinkedIn?

So, What is LinkedIn?

 Well, it’s a landing page that all the recruiters and connection have access to, in short, it’s your professional biodata.

Why should one make a profile in it?

Why should one make a profile in it?

 Recruiting agents in every industry use the professional platform i.e. LinkedIn to find potential candidates, and it’s the preferred website by employers to tap the employee by scanning their networking profile. It’s extremely important that you make sure your LinkedIn profile specifies your professional abilities and capabilities.

Also, use specific keywords relating to your field while you brief about yourself. In this way, interested companies will find you much easier and make networking connections with you.

Your LinkedIn profile should be complete with all the details of your past work experience as well as current job status. The more complete it will be, the chances for getting hired by a connection will increase. A descriptive and a catchy headline with a brief introduction makes a perfect LinkedIn profile. Don’t forget to mention your current skill-sets and your past achievement’s.

This way you can enhance your profile. Adding URLs of your official website or portfolio online will strengthen the LinkedIn profile. Use it as a tool to provide your future employer a sneak-peak to your professional background. After completing your profile and uploading a word document of your resume. You can now save the pdf version of your cv by going to the profile and simply clicking the icon with 3 dots just beside the name. You can also download other users resume for reference. Simply edit it and use the template to start writing yours.

LinkedIn can be used for blogging also!

LinkedIn can be used for blogging also!

 While some see it like a job hunt site. Bloggers can use it to promote their blogs. It is the best platform to get your voices and opinions heard through a blog. It is easy to publish original content and get the desired reach via articles and long posts. You can find the writing tab just at the top when you log in to the LinkedIn account.

 5 ways to maintain an effective LinkedIn profile.

What is LinkedIn and how to make a LinkedIn profile

1. Use the first person in intro/summary- I am currently… starting the sentence this way is best to engage the reader.

2. Don’t add profiles JLT (Just Like That) – Do not request for connections you haven’t met or have no acquaintance professionally.

3. Update the profile on a timely basis- Adding the current employment status or unemployed status is highly recommended for job seekers.

4. Don’t overdo it- It’s great to mention your merit details but bragging is a strict no.

5. Be an enthu- Join groups or forums related to your field.

  Lastly, do not forget to update your correct email address. Adding the link of your Twitter account or Facebook profile or blog URL can be done. So that your profile can be referred on other platforms as well.

 Now that you are all set and familiar with a LinkedIn account. Using some interesting features available like their learning tool called LinkedIn learning and a culture tool called LinkedIn pages. Another tab called candidates open is only available outside Indian. It is an important feature to let recruiters know that you are open to new opportunities. Though it’s currently unavailable in India soon they will upgrade it for Indian users.

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