Smart Robotic Pet

Robots as Pet Sitters

Every day, millions of humans abandon their pets for hours at a time, left alone to take care of themselves. That time if someone or something could entertain their pets during long days. For that robotic pet sitters invent.

Talking about smart technology, robots can take care not only of what people need but of what their pets need as well. Robots as pet sitters are nothing but the caretaker of the pets, who take care of them in the presence or absence of humans. Since 2017, robotic pet sitters have been in development.

The pet sitter robot is controlled by an app that plays with pets in order to keep them active and happy. These robotic pet-sitters come equipped with two webcams, a microphone, and a speaker. A built-in speaker into the base of the robotic pet sitter let pet hear you as well. A robotic pet sitter would connect to a home Wi-Fi network and allow to access the device through a web browser.

Types of Robotic Pet Sitters

  • Pebby Robotic Pet Sitter
    Pebby “ball” keep pet happy and satisfied, as the robotic pet sitter. This Pebby ball can be remotely controlled via the Pebby companion app for iOS and Android. It includes a 1080p wide-angle video camera and four powerful lithium-ion batteries to empower humans to watch. It also interact and capture the pet’s candid moments in real-time.

    Pebby ball
    is made up of with the size 80mm in diameter, interchangeable/ multi- design inner casing, built-in LED lights for Night Vision mode and LED glow at edges. It also houses built-in speakers and a laser toy that is safe for both humans and pets.

    With the help of the Pebby app, users can use different entertainment functions such as Autoplay mode or can take charge remotely, the user can change LED colors and customize advanced settings like maximizing speed. It also has a feature that alerts users on their smartphones whenever their pet starts playing with Pebby, or upon detecting barking sounds.
  • Anthouse Pet Companion Robot
    This Anthouse pet companion robot allows users to catch up with their at-home animals from anywhere in the world (as long as it has a cellular or Wi-Fi connection)

    Anthouse remotely pass out treats, record video, and snap photos using the companion application that is available for Android and iOS. It includes features such as, user can set different speeds to keep the robot moving, and it has a tennis ball launcher that throws pitches up to 26 feet.

    When the Anthouse battery gets low, it automatically retires to its wireless charging station for a reboot. It has walkie-talkie mode to speak and project out your voice to your pet via a speaker on the bot and obstacle avoidance that detect any nearby obstacle and automatically redirect to avoid collision.

Robotic pet sitters are the best invention for those animal who stays alone in the house for a long time.

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