IGTV button gets deleted by Instagram!

IGTV button gets deleted by Instagram!

IGTV button gets deleted by Instagram!

IGTV, a new Instagram platform (for sharing high quality video content) owned by Facebook back in 2018 made its debut in an effort to compete with YouTube. It offered businesses with the opportunity to connect with new mobile audience. But, recently due to anybody hardly utilizing IGTV on Instagram, it deleted the IGTV button. Sitting on the top corner of the application next to direct-message arrow, the button directed the people to IGTV (A long-form video hub). 

IGTV allowed people to post vertical videos. The video length relied on the number of followers the person had and the maximum time allotted was an hour. Before IGTV, videos allowed by Instagram to people for posting were 60 seconds or shorter. 

According to a statement given by Instagram, it said, “People weren’t clicking on the button, they were discovering videos other ways.” Very few people were clicking into the IGTV icon. “Most people are finding IGTV content through previews in Feed, the IGTV channel in Explore, creators’ profiles and the standalone app,” said by a spokesperson.

The biggest reason why IGTV couldn’t become popular, claimed by some social media influencers was the feature didn’t have any approach through which it could make money. On the other hand similar length video on YouTube can involve advertisements which generate profit for creators.

Another video sharing app TikTok, that is popular and trending, has benefitted downloads approximately about 700 million in 2019, whereas IGTV has not generated much and downloads compared to it are smaller, about 6 million. (Research by Apptopia)  

This doesn’t mean that IGTV will entirely go away. The bright, big button on the upper right corner while you open the app, that’s being replaced.

In the days to come there’s no doubt that Instagram will compete with TikTok against its mobile friendly video format. That said this would not be the last news that we will hear from Instagram on its latest new updates.

Steps on how you could upload video in IGTV

  • Go to your new channel and click on your avatar from the main page.
  • To add a new video, click on the + icon. (The icon is placed at the right hand corner)
  • Now choose a video from your camera roll.
  • Add your title and write a description – Similar to YouTube, to make people search for your videos on IGTV more conveniently, you will require the addition of relevant keywords in your description. This also involves hashtags, adding links and tagging other Instagram accounts.
  • Share your IGTV video to your Instagram feed – Once you share your video, it can be viewed in the grid on your Instagram profile with the IGTV icon on the right hand corner. This step is optional. But, if done it could help your video get more views. What you need to do is select the slider button to choose IGTV preview. While opting to post a preview, tap on Edit Profile Cover (To adjust cover photo displayed on the grid) and Edit Preview (To adjust your previewed IGTV video in the feed.) 
  • Add a cover photo – To add a cover photo you can either upload your own custom cover or select a thumbnail from your video. Try to make it catchier as it will appear on your IGTV channel page and in the categories. Instagram recommends the size of a cover photo to at least be 420 pixels by 654 pixels.
  • Now click on the post button and you have successfully posted your video on IGTV. But, it’s not complete yet.
  • Visit IGTV Analytics – Select “…” button beside the like, comment and share button on IGTV video. Then click on “View Insights”. You will be able to see views, likes, comments, and audience retention rate (A drop-off graph which displays you at what point people are swiping away from your video).     
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