How to Secure Success in a Digital Marketing Interview

How to Secure Success in a Digital Marketing Interview?

What is Digital Marketing? For what purpose is it used? Is it same as the traditional marketing concept? Right now some of you might have these questions running in your mind? For those of you who do not know, well digital marketing also called online marketing encircles all marketing efforts that use an electronic device or the internet. In other words businesses that support digital medium like search engines, emails, social media and other websites to connect prospects and current customers, this process is known as Digital Marketing.

Although a new concept for some, cracking an interview for this job profile is not so simple. When the term “interview” is mentioned it is natural and obvious that everyone fears it.

Even the most intelligent can fret at an interview when the questions asked to them are not known. To crack a digital marketing interview more efforts are needed. A job that includes marketing requires an amount of tenacity within to stand out among the rest.

Almost every one of us are familiar of the pattern of an interview, which set of questions will be asked in various other fields and what preparations need to be done. But in this case it is a new concept and might create a confusion. Do not worry, Just stay focused. Below are some tips which will help you clear your upcoming Digital Marketing Interview.

  • Become an Online Marketing Expert You require ample / sufficient knowledge in Digital Marketing. Unless you do not have information, getting a good job in this field is difficult. As an expert in this field do not expect companies to knock your door instead come forward and showcase your abilities. It requires additional work and lot efforts to get your dream job.
  • Prepare yourself Beforehand and do Necessary Research – Before attending the interview, doing research is important. For a field such as this, having research info on the digital job profiles you are opting to give an interview for and researching on that particular field and trends happening in the industry is vital. Try to note everything you research and identify the firm’s target audience, competitors, yearly data reports, marketing strategy currently used, revenues and also latest news. Your analysis must revolve around these 3 points: (1. What the particular company brand is trying to realize? 2. How your experience fits their requirements? 3. What online activities does the company perform on all social media platforms?) If the company asks suggestions and ideas on how their marketing strategy can be changed, then you can quickly demonstrate your creativity and thinking which can bonus point for you in getting the desired dream job. It is all about preparation. So prepare well.
  • Know your Resume – Most job applicants forget what they wrote in their resume and are lost for words giving a blank look when asked for their experience. It is important to know the experience within oneself and how precise and clear can you explain it. Highlight the area of expertise and keep the resume clear and clean so that the interviewer understands it. Try to elaborate more than the resume. Don’t expect the interviewer to pull information. Open up and speak for yourself. Ask questions to show curiosity.
  • Be Prepared with Confident Stories – Be smart and prepare short stories that showcase your unique points. Avoid speaking same stories that go long. You can mention your success of previous roles in the story. An example could be on how you increased Facebook, Instagram and Twitter fans that helped in the previous company online growth. Keep stories simple, short and to the point. Also add how much timeframe was required to complete the task and why did it need to be completed in that certain time. The hiring manager looks for the accomplishments and how useful and deserving the applicant is for that job profile.

Examples of Interview Questions

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Analyst

  • Which SEO tools do you use?
  • What are Outbound Links?
  • What is the primary purpose of using keyword in SEO?
  • What do you mean by competitive analysis?

SMM (Social Media Marketing) Manager

  • As a social media marketer, describe one strategy that will help you succeed?
  • Describe the process you utilize to create the social media calendar?
  • On which social media platforms should my business establish presence?

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Specialist

  • How do you plan on how much you can pay for a click in a PPC campaign?
  • How do you determine which keywords you’d like to target?
  • Have you used AdWords before? What campaign metrics did you look at?

All the best for your Interview! Hope that the tips help and guide you to success.

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