How to Download and Install Turbo C/C++

How to Download and Install Turbo C/C++

Turbo C++ is a compiler and Integrated Development Environment (IDE). It is originally from Borland. Borland first introduced Turbo C++ in 1990 and it was designed as a home and hobbyist counterpart for Borland C++. Later on, Turbo C++ products were made as scaled-down versions of its professional compilers, as the developer-focused more on professional programming tools.

Turbo C Features

Support for all memory models. Which involves 32-bit building code and 64-bit compatibility.

It utilizes just one database to enhance your productivity.

Simple workflow for programming. And also has a multi-device creation application.

It has inline assembly with full access to the C language symbolic structures and names, which allowed programmers to write some assembly language codes right into their programs without the need for a separate assembler.

It includes speed or size optimization. It functions for- the compiler could be configured to produce an executable program that was either fast or small in size, but not both.

It has constant folding that allowed the Turbo C compiler to evaluate constant expressions during compile time rather than during run time.

Steps for Download and Install Turbo C/C++

Step 1- Go on the browser and type Turboc8 in the URL.
Step 2- You will get the multiple searches, click on the very first search which will be the official site of turbo c.
Step 3- Now click on the “Download” tab.
Step 4- You will get different options for Windows and Android.
Step 5- Select Turbo C++ for Windows 10 64 bit. Step 6- After selecting the link, a new window opens. Now click on the “Click here to download your attachment” option.
Step 7- Right-click on the downloaded file and select “Show in folder”.
Step 8- In the open folder, right-click on the file and select “Extract Files” option. Step 9- New window will open, click on the “Ok” button.
Step 10- Now click on the extracted file, and double click the inside file.
Step 11- It will open the Turbo C/ C++, 3.1 Setup Wizard, click on the “Next” button.
Step 12- On the next page accept the agreement radio button and click on the “Next” button.
Step 13- Now select an addition task checkbox whichever you want to and then click on the “Next” button.
Step 14- Your setup will install, after installation click on the “Finish” button. To know the download and installation in a better way, refer our YouTube video, click on the below link:

How to Download and Install Turbo C/C++ video
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