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4 Amazing Business Skill Courses FREE

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As each one of us continues to navigate the feeling of learning uncertainty, by comfort and safety (from home), we, at Hrishi Computer Education via Hrishi Online Buddhi, through new fascinating teaching ways in both (Hindi and English) facilitate best online learning experience to learners to keep them on career track and prepared for future.

Hrishi Online Buddhi - No. 1 Platform To Learn Online

Hrishi Online Buddhi is a virtual classroom where students can learn all the IT Skill courses online. It also provides a certificate after course completion which is valid all over India. Hrishi Online Buddhi serves easy to learn videos in their courses. The course material is vetted by leading the company’s employability and gives access 24 x 7. The course training is given by experienced professionals with relevant experience.

Know that we’re here to help in any way that we can to carry on with your learning journey. To sign up, visit www.hrishionlinebuddhi.com

Good News!!! To help our community during this critical time, Hrishi Online Buddhi has come up with the program to provide 4 Amazing Business Skill Courses FREE

List of 4 Hrishi Online Buddhi Business Skill Courses For FREE

  • MS-Office
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint

Before we dive into course details, let’s know – What do you learn in Hrishi Online Buddhi Business Skill Courses?

As we know that technical skills are important, but comprehensive business skills, which include a foundation of soft and technical skills, are much more critical. 

Sharpening your business skills will allow you to master critical thinking, budget and financial management, effective communication, goal setting, and problem solving. Additionally, by training these skills it will provide you with a holistic skill set and business mind-set that can be applied throughout your career in a multitude of settings.

Need to develop or improve your business skills? Hrishi Online Buddhi Business Skill Courses enables you to learn about how to tackle problems, identify opportunities, master various technicalities and make key decisions to improve results in your day-to-day business operations.

Now that you have an idea about what Hrishi Online Buddhi Business Skill Courses are, let us explore the 4 FREE Business Skill Courses one by one:

Course Name: MS-Office

Description – MS Office, or Microsoft Office, is one of the most useful tools and an important skill you can have in any workplace. From creating spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel to creating documents in Microsoft Word to giving presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint, MS Office can provide the resources and templates needed to accomplish a wide range of tasks at work. Why must you learn? If you, or your employees, need a refresher course or just an introduction to the many functions, then learning MS Office online certification course might be suitable.

Course Name: Microsoft Word

Description – Microsoft Word is a word processing application through which you can perform various word processing tasks, like editing, printing, and typing of textual information. It is widely used software and an effective tool for creating different types of documents such as memos, reports, letters, typesetting magazines, and novels, etc. Why should one learn Microsoft Word? By learning Microsoft Word you not only boost your skills but also gain mastery over different word operations such as store blocks of text, align margins, change words or phrases, move entire sections of text from one place to another, and change the look and feel of official reports and proposals. Many companies while recruiting always see that the particular applicant has all these skills completely mastered and of course have a valid certification in Microsoft Word. Another benefit is it also adds value to your resume.

Course Name: Microsoft Excel

Description – Microsoft Excel is one of the crucial applications which plays a key role in different sectors. It is widely used in most finance related activities. With Microsoft Excel you can perform various operations such as preparation of annual budget, income statements, annual reports, payrolls and invoice, etc. Why learn Microsoft Excel? By learning MS Excel online course you not only improve your conditional formatting skills but also become proficient with spreadsheets, calculate anything from annual reports to simple quarterly forecasts, perform statistical analysis through large datasets, master chi-square testing, make accurate analysis, and much more. During the recruitment process in any accounting and finance related job openings most hirers search for applicants who have certified excel skills in systematic data management, time saving, and of course the one who can generate more productivity.

Course Name: Microsoft PowerPoint

Description – Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful tool for giving a presentation and a powerful mode of communication using numerous special effects. It is a very good and easy tool to give a visual effect to the presentation. Why should you learn Microsoft PowerPoint? By using Microsoft PowerPoint users can put multimedia that helps to improve the audience’s focus. Creates Visual Impacts by allowing using images, audio, and video. Users can share their content through PowerPoint presentations with the world. PowerPoint slides are completely customizable to fit our needs.

All the FREE courses have been designed by the expertise of our certified faculty experts. What’s more, this is not the end of our interesting Business Skill course collections. You can also gain valuable experience about business through our other featured 8 Up Skill Programmes. They are:

(If you’re a consumer who desires to learn and get overall knowledge on the above 4 Featured Business Skill Courses, then you can do so, by opting to purchase any of the below 4 Featured Business Skill (Bundle) Courses in our Up Skill Programme.)

Basic + Advanced tally with GST Bundle Course –                             https://hrishionlinebuddhi.com/p/basic-tally-and-advance-tally-erp9-with-gst-bundle-course

Bundle Course (Basic Tally.ERP 9 + Advanced Tally.ERP 9 + GST Compliance) – https://hrishionlinebuddhi.com/p/bundle-course-basic-tally-erp9-advanced-tally-erp9-gst-compliance

Bundle Course (Basic Tally.ERP 9 + Advanced Tally.ERP 9 with GST + Advanced Excel Part 1) –https://hrishionlinebuddhi.com/p/bundle-course-basic-tally-erp9-advanced-tally-erp9-gst-advanced-excel-part1

86% Offer: Master Office Skills | 5 Courses | 90 Hours | 4999/-https://www.hrishionlinebuddhi.com/p/diploma-business-accounting-bundle

So, what’s NEXT?                                                                                                                        If you’re interested in up-skilling with Hrishi Online Buddhi, REGISTER and SUBSCRIBE now @ www.hrishionlinebuddhi.com

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