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Avoid These 3 Common Mistakes While Learning Online

With learning online becoming the new normal for student education since March 2020, due to the effect of Covid-19 on several educational institutions, studying in an online environment has become a new experience for many students, especially with the introduction to its different advantages and challenges.

However, Online Learning has not only made students technologically sound, but it has also made them unorganized, undisciplined, and unwilling during learning. Well, these are some of the aspects that absolutely need to be avoided, if you wish to learn online productively.

Moreover, this blog article will exactly help you to learn these vital mistakes that you need to evade. So, continue reading…

3 Common Mistakes To Evade During Online Learning

Mistake 1: Not Possessing Enough Research Before Enrolling (Unorganised)

Mistake 1: Not Possessing Enough Research Before Enrolling

Before enrolling in training, students must gather adequate information about the training, its content, its ratings, online and offline reviews, and media articles and blogs. Why? Because if you do not research, it doesn’t ensure that your learning goals (gaining a new skill, getting an internship/job in the future, building a project of their own, or getting certified) will be met successfully. So, research well enough to fulfil your learning expectations.

Mistake 2: Not Taking Down Notes (Undisciplined)

Mistake 2: Not Taking Down Notes

Students must consider making notes while learning through videos, tutorials, documents, PDFs, or presentations which help to build focus and increase retention. Since, learning through digital devices brings inevitable distractions in the form of messages, calls, and notifications. This might tend to side-track students, eventually hindering their memory and creativity. Therefore, taking down notes is significant as it helps you to refer, process more information, and boost learning productivity.

Mistake 3: Not Asking Queries (Unwilling)

Mistake 3: Not Asking Queries

While learning online, students must ask queries. A lot of students hesitate and find asking queries or doubts embarrassing. Although, this should not be the case!!! With online learning, students have assured anonymity. What’s more, it enables students to get expert solutions within no time. Only through asking queries in a particular subject which they find difficulty in, can a student develop interest, actively involve, detect their flaws, learn better, and enhance their thinking skills. Hence, do not feel ashamed; ask queries, as it will help you build a successful future.


Yes, online learning is enabling students to learn anywhere and anytime (from their homes) while maintaining social distancing, but it is up to the students to see that they utilize the online training efficiently, without producing the above described mistakes. If students manage to avoid these common errors, then there is no doubt that they will benefit, overcome the challenges of online learning in the near future. Best of luck!!! Enjoy Safe Learning!!!

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