Digital Learning: Advantages & Disadvantages

Digital Learning: Advantages & Disadvantages

Digital Learning: Advantages & Disadvantages

Digital Learning is replacing traditional education methods day by day. Also, it is rapidly changing the classrooms with new learning techniques based on digital learning tools and technologies. In digital learning students are using tablets instead of paper. 

Digital learning could be done using websites, services, applications, teaching tools, and technologies for home use. Even social networks and communications platforms can be used. Digital learning has come to play a crucial role in education in this COVID-19 Pandemic. 

The benefit of Digital Learning 

  • Digital Learning Makes Students Smarter 

Using learning tools and technology helps students to develop effective self-directed learning skills. It able students to identify what they need to learn courses, find and use online resources, and apply the information on the problem. It also increases their efficiency and productivity while studying. They also learn how to make decisions, and improve critical thinking skills and reasoning skills. 

  • Makes Students Self-Motivated and More Accountable

Digital Learning tools and technology become more engaged in the process and more interested in growing student’s knowledge. They learn through engaging methods such as peer education, teamwork, problem-solving, reverse teaching, role-playing, and storytelling. When students see their own progress in their test scores it van improves motivation and accountability. 

  • Increases students Employability 

Digital learning involves problem-based learning foreground on learning methods that are constructive, collaborative, and improve the students’ attention to a real-world approach learning. Using technology in elementary, secondary, and high schools prepares students for higher education and modern careers. 

Disadvantages of Digital Learning 

  • No Self-Discipline

Students can take a break from the material anytime, they can easily skip something from the learning. 

  • No Face-to-face interaction

While digital learning can be quite interactive these days, but still isn’t the same as sitting across the room from a real person. 

  • Lack of Input from Trainers

If a student has any doubt then there is no best trainers who will sit and talk to the student with then to find out what they need to know and how they need to learn it. 

  • Good Digital Learning is Difficult to do

Developing a really effective digital learning course takes time, money, and a great amount of expertise. 

  • Lack of Transformational Power

Traditional learning- game-changing learning- comes about through live connection and engagement. Through this engagement that a true transformation occurs and the learners become more effective as an individual. 

  • No Team Learning 

Team learning is the best way to understand concepts in a better way. Digital learning is more about individual learning which is a barrier in team learning. 

Online Learning is best for all in this COVID-19 situation as students can’t go outside to learn. 

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