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What is LinkedIn and how to make a LinkedIn profile

What is LinkedIn and how to make a LinkedIn profile

Is LinkedIn worthwhile your job search?  Why go bananas searching a job online by signing up on every single job search site? Simply, create a profile on LinkedIn- a professional platform to make connections, with people. It’s not a top

How Of Technical Interview Round

The What, Why & How Of Technical Interview Rounds

What is a Technical Interview Round? If you apply for a job that requires technical knowledge or skill sets, then one of the penultimate rounds will most probably be the technical interview round. The technical interview round is used to

understand Notice Period in India

Understanding The A To Z Of Notice Periods

What is a Notice Period? When you join any company/ firm as a full-time employee, the executive from the HR department will make you sign the terms of contract. Tucked away in the many clauses of the contract is your

Navigating Your Notice Period

Navigating Your Notice Period

Recommended Reading: In case you’re unaware about what’s a notice period and associated intricacies, we recommend you read our blog: Understanding the A to Z of Notice Periods. Important Tasks to Complete while Serving out your Notice Period You must

Tips For Acing The Telephonic Interview Round

Tips For Acing The Telephonic Interview Round

Preparing for the Telephonic Interview Round We highly recommend that you read our blog: How to Prepare for a Telephonic Interview. It will help you understand what to expect in a telephonic interview. What exactly Recruiters look for in candidates

Tips to follow when giving a Telephonic Interview

How to prepare for a telephonic interview

Have you finished your academic studies/ graduation /post-graduation? Got campus placed? Then congratulations! Welcome to the Corporate World. Joining your dad’s or a relative’s business? Then congratulations! You are lucky that the accident of birth in your case gave you