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language interpreter

Language Interpreter

What is Interpreting? Interpreting is a translation activity in which one person produces conversation in one language and it get translate into other language or in a source language. Interpreting done by the person called Interpreter, who translates words from

Communication Skill

Communications Skills

Communication is the act of transferring information from one person to another. We transfer our information through the different types of communication such as verbal, written, visually, or non-verbally. And we communicate with each other by using a combination of

type of communication

Types of Communications

Communications is a way of conveying thoughts, information, emotion and ideas through gesture, voice, symbols, signs, and expressions. It is the process of sending and receiving messages and exchange of meanings. To create a communication it requires three elements that

Spelling rules American English vs

Spelling Rules: American English Vs. British English

To gain mastery in using English, we must conquer the following three of the God of English’s creations: The angel called ‘reading’ The human called ‘writing’ The devil called ‘spelling’ While most of us have been put through the paces

American English VS Indian English-Related to Food

If you are questioning yourself what is the difference between Indian English and American English. Well, They both speak the same language, but it may be frustrating sometimes when one speaks, because we Indian follow British English and Americans follow

different words in british and american English

American English VS British English: an Indian perspective

America and Britain are two nation divided by a common language (English). – George Bernard Shaw (Nobel laureate for Literature) Modern English: British English vs. American English The Modern English language used today globally is broadly categorized into two major