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How to monetize your blog or vlog aka video blog

How to monetize your blog or vlog aka video blog?

Now that you have got a gist about how a career as a blogger or as a vlogger works. It’s time to know how to monetize your blog or vlog aka video blog? A lot of money can be made

managing Social Media Profile

Maintaining a good Social Media Profile

Can your Social Media Profile affect your Job Prospects? So, when did you last checked-in to your social profile on Facebook or Twitter? If you don’t own one just buck up and create it, dude! It is high time that

start a career in Vlogging

How to start a career in Vlogging

Vloggers are the new celebrities of the internet age! Sounds bizarre, doesn’t it? The revolution in the internet era and the impact of the world wide web has created yet another career option for the lads of the society. It’s

Career in Blogging (Content Writing)

Starting a Career as a Blogger

Good news is that the internet has become ‘the need of the hour’. This means more potential readers for your blog. Most of the people still don’t give a thought to make blogging as a full-time career option. It can

Tips For Acing The Telephonic Interview Round

Tips For Acing The Telephonic Interview Round

Preparing for the Telephonic Interview Round We highly recommend that you read our blog: How to Prepare for a Telephonic Interview. It will help you understand what to expect in a telephonic interview. What exactly Recruiters look for in candidates

Tips to follow when giving a Telephonic Interview

How to prepare for a telephonic interview

Have you finished your academic studies/ graduation /post-graduation? Got campus placed? Then congratulations! Welcome to the Corporate World. Joining your dad’s or a relative’s business? Then congratulations! You are lucky that the accident of birth in your case gave you

Minimum IT Education required before starting job

Minimum IT education required before starting a Job

In every career it’s important that a person has some basic knowledge and minimum qualifications for a job that he/she is going to apply as it will be very useful and impactful during an interview. In IT(Information Technology) field there