Communication System

Communication System

Communication System

Communication is a way of conveying the message from the sender to the receiver. And a communication system is a system model that describes a communication exchange between transmitter and receiver. In the communication system, signals or information passes from source to distention through a channel, which represents a way that signals use it to move from the source toward the destination. 

Basic Communication System Elements

Information Source

In the communication system information source is the first step. Every communication system serves to convey the message or information. This message started in the information source. 


The transmitter converts the message signal into a form that is suitable for transmission over the communication channel. 


Channel is a medium through which the message travels from the transmitter to the receiver. And this can be either guided or no-guided.


This function is to receive the signal and convert the message signal into the original form. 


In the communication destination is the final step. Message consume in the destination. 

Communication system and their types

Radio Communication System

In this system the information flows with the help of a radio, hence it called the radio communication system. It works with the aid of a transmitter and a receiver both equipped with an antenna. The transmitter with the help of an antenna generates signals which are carried through a radio carrier wave and the receiver also with the help of an antenna receives the signal. 

Optical Communication System

Optical means light, so the optical communication system depends on light as the medium for communication. In this communication system, the transmitter converts the information into an optical signal and finally, the signal then reaches the recipient. After that, the recipient then decodes the signal and responds accordingly. 

Duplex Communications System

In this duplex communication system, two pieces of equipment can communicate with each other in both directions simultaneously. When one person interacts with another person over the telephone, both of them can listen to each other at the same time. Here the communication actually takes place between the speaker and the receiver simultaneously. 

Half Duplex Communication System

In this half-duplex communication system, both the two parties can’t communicate simultaneously. Here sender has to stop sending the signals to the recipient and then only the recipient can respond. For example a walkie-talkie work on the half-duplex communication system. 

Tactical Communication System

 In the tactical communication system, communication varies according to the changes in environmental conditions and other situations. 

Due to the Communication Systems, communication has become very easy. 

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