Canned Wines

Canned Wines

Canned wines are convenience and a new generation of wine drinkers. Cans are one of the fastest-growing forms of alternative wine packaging in the market. And having canned wines is the trending lifestyle. Wine lovers found an increasing array of brands packaged in aluminum containers. 

Some might even think that cans are reserved for poor-quality wines, but those assumptions are not true. In fact, there are some absolute impressive options that quickly get on-board with this growing trend. While they may come in aluminum cans, still their taste remains the same. 

These canned wines come in red, white, rose, still, and sparkling wines made from all varietals of grapes. The biggest advantage of the canned wine is there is no fear of broken glass. It also lets you take wine to those outdoor locations where glass is banned. 

Canned wines are a good idea, from the consumer’s perspective, because a person doesn’t have to open a whole bottle to have some wine. 

Benefits of Canned Wines

1. Better for the Environment

Cans are lighter than glass bottles, so it takes less energy to transport cans as compared to glass. Cans are small in shape so it takes up less space compared to bottles. 

It has a higher rate of recycling compared to glass. Metal cans are completely recyclable and able to be recycled again and again without any performance loss. According to the reports that the average van today contains around 70 percent recycled metal. 

2. Freshness

Cans are good for blocking out all lights, so light cannot interact with the inside wine. It results in a fresher product. 

3. Single Serve

Canned wines have portion control. No need to open a whole bottle just to have one glass. We always have a glass of wine from a bottle that’s been open too long. Also, did not finish it in one sitting. 

The most common size of canned wine being 250ml and the average wine pour being approximately 150ml. This means a can is a bit under 2 glasses of wine, a perfect amount to enjoy at one time. 

Canned wines are cheaper than bottle wines, due to the smaller format. Canned wines charge a third of the bottled wines. 

4. Easier to Chill

Can chill down quickly as they are a smaller format and mainly can have a thinner wall meaning any changes in temperature are passed from the can compared to glass.

This speed of chilling also means there is less energy required to chill down canned wines. 

5. Variety 

For the same amount, we can buy a variety of wines instead of a single bottle. That’s let’s try a variety of wines instead of just the one. This is great for when someone is giving wine as a gift. 

Canned wines have many more benefits compared to glass bottle wines. 

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