5 Actions To Consider While Evading WhatsApp Cyber Threats

WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned social networking messaging platform is one of the most popular applications that allows over 1 billion users to message and call on both desktop and mobile devices.

However, when it comes to its enormous user base it may strike as no surprise that it can be easily open to security threats caused by cybercriminals.

So, how can one avoid these WhatsApp Cyber Threats? Well, continue reading ahead as this blog article will exactly help you to understand the 5 actions that need to be considered while avoiding Cyber Threats. Let’s Start…..

5 Actions That Need To Be Considered To Evade WhatsApp Cyber Threats

Action 1: Avoid Calls & Messages From Unknown Numbers

You should always be more careful about unknown contacts and messages. These countless messages and calls that we encounter or receive from unknown contacts and messages on a daily basis can be suspicious. As in how? Let’s take for an instance; it could be an unknown SMS link or a call from a shady looking number (either through telemarketers or worse a scammer/stalker). Thus, it is best to disconnect calls and stay away from disbelieving messages of unknown numbers.

Action 2: Verify Before Picking Up Random International Calls

Have a habit of verifying phone calls before picking, especially if they are random international calls. In such cases, (other than the possibility that you have friends or relatives abroad) when you get approached by an unknown contact, always see to it that the number consists of a +91 code or prefix – the country code for India. If the contact does not have this prefix, do not pick such calls.

Action 3: Make It A Point To Look Out For Camera Option During Calls

Always keep the camera setting turned off if you are anticipating a call from an unknown number (basically avoiding video calls). Until you are not sure that whether the call is from a known person, do not turn on the selfie-camera option before picking it. You can later switch to video calls if you know or have deemed the specific contact essential.

Action 4: Stay Away From Weird Groups You Happen To Be Unknowingly Added To

Once in a while it is often seen that our contacts are added to certain weird groups by some anonymous stranger. In such circumstances, it is wise to exit the group as soon as possible and block that stranger to avoid a potential security breach.

Action 5: Ensure That You Keep Your Privacy Settings Always Secure

The most important thing as a user is to secure your privacy. And it can be achieved by the options presented in the privacy settings. Users can choose to make their profile completely private or visible by adding and creating profile picture, status and enabling their last seen. However, to ensure your safety from cyber-attacks, it is always good to block your profile image to others who are not in your contact list.


Is WhatsApp safe to use? Well it has security concerns, and suffers many of the privacy dangers similar to the parent company, but it is ultimately up to us how we utilise it. Remember these above 5 actions and you’ll avoid most of the common security breaches. Good luck implementing it!!!

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