10 smartphones that are trending in 2019

10 smartphones that are trending in 2019

Confused on how to purchase ideal smartphone?

While purchasing smartphones we often confuse on which mobile phone to choose. Many times it happens that a person purchases a product from a smartphone gallery or online without having the gadget experience. It is later that the individual realises that the desired product is not the ideal smart phone which he / she requires, thus losing money in the process.

There are different brands of mobile phones out there in the market and each phone has its own feature. Some phones are better on screen display, others have best camera resolution, and different other phones might have long lasting battery life.

It depends on the buyer on which phone they are looking for. At times if you have no clue on a smartphone the best way is by seeing its specifications. You can even do a comparison between phone of other brands. This can be achieved either by referring websites online or by watching videos of tech experts who can give you the right idea on which phone has the best features and working performance. 

Even after referring the above mentioned ways if your mind still has doubts then consider the following 10 points smartphone should have:

  • Audio / Speakers – Having quality speakers and clear audio coming out of it is essential for those who depend on video conferences and video streaming’s. Purchasing front facing speaker phones is the best choice for person loving entertainment. With front speakers quality sound can be heard even while carrying phone in landscape mode. Smartphones consisting of back side and bottom speakers are suitable for users who do not have interest in video conferences and video streaming’s.  
  • Battery Performance – Usage of battery varies among different users. Depending on the usage a heavy smart phone users who stream videos, work on mobile applications and plays games at least requires a battery of 3500mAh or more. For light users battery of 3000mAh would be perfect to run it for an entire day.
  • Build Quality – Smartphone durability matters the most. The manufacturing industry builds phones in two types i.e. Metal and Plastic. In very few handsets you might find glass coated panels. But those are limited. The best suggestion for users who are vulnerable at dropping handsets would be to use Metal built or Plastic Built (Endures drop from 2 feet).
  • Camera Pixels – Always consider that the camera in smartphone has specifications like autofocus, pixel size, camera aperture as well as ISO levels. It is not necessary that having smartphones with more pixels means having a quality phone. Having the above mentioned specifications differentiates and defines the quality of the cell phone.       
  • Display – The display of a smartphone depends on the use. In particular, a movie stream or games can look good in 6 inch full HD resolution screen. Having larger screen more than 6 inch will only make the phone difficult to carry. For a regular user who uses smartphones on a daily basis to check emails and social media chats having phone display with 5.5 inch will be perfect.
  • Heaphone Jack / USB Port – Mobile ports can be a significant factor as well. Although both micro-USB and USB Type-C ports are available in smartphones it is preferable to use USB Type-C port phone not due to its easy plug-in but it is future proof.
  • OS / UI – The OS (Operating System) and UI (User Interface) also are key factors when you choose a smartphone. It is necessary because it decides whether you can smoothly use the device without any complications. To have compatible and smooth experience handsets like Motorola, Nexus or Pixel and Android One OS gadget is the right choice. It is wise to always try using the smartphone before you select one.   
  • Processor – The processor and its processing power in a smartphone differs from one device to other due to factors like UI, OS version and more. A heavy user who does multitasking needs Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 or Snapdragon 820 / 821 for smooth use to perform tasks such as edit images/videos/documents online, play heavy games and stream videos. Light users can be comfortable with the use of MediaTek processors.   
  • Security features – These day’s new smartphones have launched with extra new security features namely fingerprint sensor and iris sensor. The security can not only be used to lock or unlock the handset but is also used as a password to protect and access sensitive files, personal documents and apps. Buying handset with extra data safety features is preferable because most of the users store personal information on handset.
  • Storage Space – When it comes to storage space almost all phones larger part of storage space is taken by OS and the apps that are previously built in. The best preference for those utilizing few mobile apps is to have at least 32 GB storage space. Users who love using larger number of apps should have 64 GB or 128 GB smartphone storage space.

If you are specifically looking for new smartphones this year with cheap prices, phones like the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro, Motorola Moto G7, Motorola Moto G7 Power, Samsung Galaxy A50, Nokia 7.1, and Nokia 4.2 are some of my recommendations that would fit in with your budget.

10 Trending Smartphones

According to my point of view, below is list of trending smartphones. 

Brand Price Rating
APPLE IPHONE11 PRO / PRO MAX (Ranges between Rs 99,000 –Rs 1,42,000) 5 Stars

(Ranges between Rs 64,900 – Rs 65,000) 5 Stars
GOOGLE PIXEL 4 (Ranges between Rs 86,990 – Rs 87,000 ) 4 Stars
ONE PLUS 7T PRO (Ranges between Rs 53,999 –Rs 58,999) 5 Stars
ONE PLUS 7T (Ranges between Rs 34,999 – Rs 38,999) 4 Stars
SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10 / 10 PLUS (Ranges between Rs 69,999 –Rs 82,999) 5 Stars
APPLE IPHONE XR  (Ranges between Rs 47,900 –Rs 49,900) 4 Stars
SAMSUNG GALAXY S10 / S10 PLUS (Ranges between Rs 61,900 –Rs 69,900) 4 Stars
SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 9 (Ranges between Rs 42,999 –Rs 84,900) 3 Stars
GOOGLE PIXEL 3A XL AND PIXEL 3A (Ranges between Rs 33,839 –Rs 44,999)  3 Stars

Note:  The above price rates of smartphones are taken from online and can vary among different sellers.

Hope that this blog helps you find your dream phone. Enjoy shopping.    

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